The most modern Loudspeaking Call and Reply System comprising a 'Master' Unit and one or more 'Sub-Station' Units. Ideally suitable for many applications e.g. Directors to Departmental Heads; Dentist or Doctor to Waiting Room and Clerk; Restaurant Service, etc., etc.

It provides simple and immediate contact between 'Master'and 'Sub-Station' Units, free from delay and independent of any existing telephone installation. Can be supplied 'Secret' or 'Non-Secret', as required.

The 'Master' and 'Sub-Stations' consist of attractive cream and black bakelite cabinets, as illustrated. The equipment is designed for operation on AC. Supply only and is adequately fused to provide protection against fire risks. Complete safety is assured, as the voltage on the line is limited to 50V peak under all conditions. In full operation the power consumption is only 28 watts. In the standby condition 15 watts.

If required, the telephone units can be supplied on sale for installation by the user, or on rental terms, including full maintenance necessitated by normal usage. Further particulars will be supplied on request.

Overall dimensions are as follows:
Unit Height Width Depth Weight
in mm in mm in mm lbs kgs
'Master' 7.25 184 12 305 10 254 13 5.8
'Sub-Station 6 152 7 178 6.6 162 2.75 0.9


From SIEMENS BROTHERS & CO. LIMITED catalogue No.500/54 

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Last revised: June 20, 2011