Mitel SMarT-1 Compact single line diallers consist of a small flat unit that connects the customers wiring to the network providers wiring via RJ11 sockets.  Designed to be programmed remotely, to fit through a standard UK letter box and then connected up by the customer.  The unit can be fixed to the wall with two screws.

The dialler was originally used to prefix digits, to send the calls to a different network provider, that are transparent to the customer.  In most cases these were programmed MF to MF.

Mitel supplied the unit with the correct leads for the country specific models.  The dialler will accept at the input MF (Multi Frequency - tone) or LD (Loop Disconnect - pulse) dialling and will output MF or LD dialling. 

Programming is by a bespoke PC programme or using an MF telephone with ABCD buttons.

There are a number of different models which can be identified by the label on the front of the unit:-
SMarT1 Compact - Mitel Part Number 8346-010
SMarT1 Compact Euroroute - Mitel Part Number 8346-013
SMarT1 Compact Euroroute AC

Main unit - 126 x 85 x 27mm
Power Supply - 50 x 55 x 65mm

Programming Instructions
UK Compact and Euroroute Compact programming instructions

Compact Brochure
Compact Specification
Compact Manual - UK version (the programming instructions are below)

Compact Euroroute Manual

Compact Euroroute AC Specification
Compact Euroroute AC Manual

Rear view of
SMarT-1 Compact
Front view of
SMarT-1 Compact


SMarT-1 Compact Euro AC
This unit can be used without a power supply, but generally unless you are close to the local exchange, a power supply will have to be provided.  A power unit is always needed if the phone is a dial model or the exchange needs dial pulses.

The power supply is 24v DC.

The SMarT-1 Euro AC Compact has been tested and the results are shown in Table 1.  These results must not be used as conclusive evidence that the SMarT-1 will work on your line.

Table 1

Phone dialling type Output to exchange Unit powered Result
LD - using modern phone MF Yes Works OK
LD - using 200 type telephone MF Yes Works OK
MF MF Yes Works OK
MF LD Yes Works OK
LD LD Yes Works OK
MF MF Yes Works OK
LD LD No Dialler does not work
MF MF No Dialler does not work

SMarT-1 Euroroute Compact
Tested with a Power unit and the unit is capable of LD to MF, MF to LD and MF to MF.  This is the best option for MF to LD.

The power supply is 12v DC rated at 50mA.

SMarT-1 Compact
This unit has been tested and with a power unit can be used for LD to MF or MF to MF.  LD output does not work at all.  This is the best option for LD to MF.

The power supply is 12v DC rated at 50mA.


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Last revised: October 30, 2022