Local Battery Table Set constructed of moulded Bakelite and designed for maximum efficiency and accessibility.  This compact table set has many advantages over the previous types made of several parts, and the incorporation of a new lightweight generator provides an instrument which is light and efficient.  The generator is mounted on the base plate with the handle projecting through the front of the telephone set. All the components are mounted on a metal base plate and can be easily detached from the case.  The generator is the latest improved pattern 4012-A Generator which gives an output of 3.25 watts with 1,000 ohms resistance and 2 watts output with 5,000 ohms resistance load.

The microtelephone is the latest improved pattern 4016-A Microtelephone incorporating the 4027-A Receiver and 4025-B Transmitter.  The 4027-A Receiver is the most modern type of high quality receiver which gives a gain equivalent to 5db above any previous receiver on an intelligibility basis.

The set can be supplied with dry cells housed in a suitable battery box if required.

Dimensions - 9.25in x 8in x 6in (23.5 x 20.32 x 15.24cm)
Weight - 7.5lb (3.4kg)

Taken from:-
STC Apparatus Catalogue for Telephone, Remote Control and Railway Signalling Catalogue, Edition 5 (1952)

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Last revised: October 30, 2020