Argentina Compania Standard Electric Argentina, S.A., Buenos Aires
Australia Standard Telephones and Cables Pty. Limited, Sydney
Austria United Telephone and Telegraph Works, Limited, Vienna
Belgium Bell Telephone Manufacturing Company, Antwerp
Brazil Standard Electric, S.A., Rio de Janeiro
Chile Compania Standard Electric, S.A.C., Santiago
China China Electric Company, Limited, Shanghai
Denmark Standard Electric A/S, Copenhagen
France Le Materiel Telephonique, Paris
Holland Nederlandsche Standard Electric Mij. N.Y., ‘s-Gravenhage
Hungary Standard Electric Company, Budapest
Italy Standard Elettrica Italiana, Milan
New Zealand Standard Telephones and Cables Pty. Limited, Wellington
Norway Standard Telefon-og Kabelfabrik A/S, Oslo
Portugal Standard Electrica, Lisbon
Spain Standard Eléctrica, S.A., Madrid
Sweden Aktiebolaget Standard Radiofabrik, Bromma
Switzerland Standard Téléphone et Radio S.A., Zurich
U.S.A. lnternational Standard Electric Corporation, New York

Taken from:-
STC Apparatus Catalogue for Telephone, Remote Control and Railway Signalling Catalogue, Edition 5 (1952)

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Last revised: October 30, 2020