Click here for STC Trimphone Prototypes

Click here for an STC 706 prototype

Many of these prototypes were designed to meet the GPO's call for a luxury boudoir telephone in the early 1960's (SCP201).  The GPO chose the Trimphone which was available circa 1966 as the GPO Telephone No. 712Click here for the GPO SCP201 - which is referenced on the back board of the stand show below.

STC initially called the prototype the Fairyphone but renamed the telephone the Deltaphone and sold it worldwide.

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Deltaphone prototypes

Are the telephones below prototypes or not and did they make it to production?

Judging by the internal construction they look like house intercom telephones.

Prototype in painted wood (Blue)
Held by the Victoria and Albert museum


Prototype in Plastic (Grey)
Held by the Victoria and Albert museum






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