The Supercall ACD system (600 version) queues up to 100 incoming lines and connects them to a maximum of 60 agent positions. The equipment comprises of up to 4 cubicles suitable for location in normal office environment. Connection is established by means of a non blocking relay matrix switch controlled by a single processor. Power is mains derived.

The Supercall ACD (55 version) is housed in a single cabinet and can be expanded by the addition of extra cards to a maximum of 36 lines and up to 25 agent positions.

Each agent has a desk unit equipped with all necessary buttons and displays. This unit also contains a telephone circuit which provides the PSTN line termination during the "talk" state ("through fed" system). Both headsets and handsets are available for agents.

By-pass facilities are provided for mains or catastrophic failures. An Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) is available as an option. The system also supports, via B56301 barrier protected ports, a variety of devices such as VDU's, printers and processors for supervisory and management purposes.

Made by Special Telephone Systems (STS) Ltd.
Sidcup Technology Centre
3 Maidstone Road
Sidcup, Kent
Tel: 0181 308 1000
Fax: 0181 308 1234

Distributed by STS and GPT, BT Districts by Sales Referral.

Available from:
Spares Department
Unit 10
Northend Trading Estate
Erith, Kent
Tel: 01322 349631

An Integral Barrier Unit Type A26/2F must be provided on all points connected to attachments e.g. printers, VDU's, other processors.


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Last revised: January 28, 2023