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PXML No. 65
APPROVAL No's. NS/1412/123/D/022046 & NS/1412/123/F/451637

Introduced in 1990, the Mitel SX2000VS (Very Small) is a single cabinet, single processor system. The cabinet contains two shelves (both of which are fully described below), the Cabinet Power Distribution Unit (PDU) which can be A.C. or D.C. and the Fan Unit.

The SX2000VS is not supported by Mitel after July 2002.

All electronic circuits in the SX2000VS are mounted on circuit cards within the equipment cabinet shelves. The cartridge tape drive which is used for software loading and database back-ups is cable connected to the equipment cabinet.

SX2000VS Front View

The fan is mounted at the bottom of the equipment cabinet and draws air into the cabinet through a foam filter located on the inside of the front door. The fan unit is a metal box with three axial flow fans mounted on the front panel. Air draws in through the filter is forced up through the equipment cabinet and exhausted via vents at the top of the cabinet side panels.

Shelf 1
Shelf 2

The SX2000VS shelf 2 contains the following:

  • Peripheral interface card slots which can contain any mix of peripheral interface cards
  • A System Fail Transfer (SFT) card providing 12 SFT circuits
  • Two filler plates (an integral part of the cooling system)

The SX2000VS shelf 1 contains the following:

  • Main Controller II Card (MCII) - The MCII is a six layer card which controls the operation of the SX-2000VS.

Circuits on the card include:

  • A 68020 microprocessor with 8Mbytes RAM and error detection and correction. The processor operates at a clock rate of 12 MHz.
  • System clock generator.
  • A Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI) circuit to provide access to the system Hard Disk Unit and Cartridge Tape Drive.
  • A 24 x 24 circuit switching matrix using digital crosspoint (DX) chips providing a totally non-blocking switching architecture.
  • A 16 link message switch using DX chips.
  • 6 digital signal processor (DSP) modules providing system tone generator, tone detector and conference facilities.
  • 2 RS-232 interfaces.
  • 2 HDLCís (High Level Data Link Controller)

Maintenance and Hard Disk Unit (MHDU) containing:

Touchbutton switches and LED indicators for:

  • Panel enable/disable
  • System load
  • System reset
  • Remote alarms enable/disable
  • Temperature sensor monitors
  • Master Fail Transfer/System Fail Transfer contacts
  • Music on Hold audio input
  • Support circuits for the RS232 ports on the MCII card
  • Two audio outputs and control relay contacts for paging circuits
  • A SCSI transceiver
  • Remote Alarms Off LED
  • Alarm indicators LEDís (critical, major and minor)
  • Two DNIC Ports
  • Winchester Hard Disk Unit for storing all operating software and customer data etc.

Power Convertor (either AC or DC) supplying all of the shelf power supplies. The convertor has an on/off (enable) switch and red/green status LEDís on the front.

  • Three Digital Service (DSU) card slots (see Hardware Capacities below)
  • Three Peripheral Interface Card Slots

System ID Module: Each system comes equipped with a System Identity (SYSID) Module, which installs in the faceplate of the Maintenance and Hard Disk Unit. This module contains a unique identifier which is read by the system on start-up and compared to an identifier stored on the systemís Hard Disk Unit. When an Optional Feature Package is purchased (e.g., APNSS), the SYSID module is temporarily removed and an Options module inserted, permitting the purchased option to be enabled on the system.

SX-2000VS Hardware Capacities
Number of cabinets :1
Maximum number of shelves :2
SFT circuits :12
Cartridge Tape Unit: 1
Maintenance Hard Disk Unit: 1
Maximum number of Peripheral Interface Cards: 15 (N.B. only one DSU)
Maximum number of DSUís : 3 (N.B. only TWELVE Peripheral Interface Cards)


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