Fifty percent of all businesses can be satisfied by a communications system that offers up to 6 extensions and two outside lines.

The Mitel SX5 is that system.

After thorough research of this most cost-sensitive market, Mitel created the SX5. It combines maximum performance and economy in a compact, stylish package. For users as diverse as restaurants, garages, small professional offices, residences and many more, the SX5 is the complete communications system.

Better dm competitive initial and ongoing costs ensure excellent economy with unsurpassed performance.

The SX5 uses standard DTMF and/or rotary dial telephones with 2 wire cabling.

The SX5 features low power consumption, system battery backup. No special operating environment is required.

Minimal programming allows quick and easy loading of location dependent information.

Simple terminal strip connections and no hardware configuration reduction and maintenance time to just minutes.

The same replaceable extension circuits and trunk modules as the SX10, Super 10 and SX20 provide inventory and training savings.

The SX5 has a wide range of features that control communication expenses and increase user efficiency.

For instance, immediate response to incoming calls is guaranteed with the innovative Common Audible Ringing feature, which allows a number of extensions to answer simply by going off-hook.

Flexible Toll Restriction controls long distance calling.

Powerful call handling features such as Transfer, Conference, Call Forwarding and Paging are available at every extension.

Incoming callers think big business when they hear Music-on-Hold.

Where desired, an extension can be given private line service, with no loss of, other features, using Direct-In-line.

In addition, Tone to Pulse Conversion and much more are standard with every SX5.


Technology: Stored Program, Microprocessor Controlled

Switching: Solid-State Space Division

System Capacity: 6 Extensions/2 Lines

Equipment Cabinet: 17" (432mm)H x 11.5" (292mm)W x 3"(76mm)D

Weight: 10lbs. (4.5 kg)

Primary Power:
100-132v ac, 47-63 Hz
0.8A maximum, 0.4A typical, 230V operation optional

Environment: 0-40'C (32-104'F)
10-90% Relative Humidity (Non-Condensing)

Taken from a Mitel Brochure 1981


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Last revised: September 24, 2021