Wall mounted wooden cased telephone with switchable extension facility, used in C.B. areas as the main telephone.

Previously known as the "Telephone, Wall, C.B. Intermediate with Generator".

Used in conjunction with a Telephone No. 7, giving intercommunication between the two.

This telephone has three Capacitors, an Induction Coil, a 4 way switch, an indicator and two bell ringers, one being 1000ohms and the other 50ohms.

One bell was for incoming exchange calls with the other bell used when the extension called.

Telephone includes:-
1 x Hook, Receiver F.
1 x Switch, Receiver No. 2.
1 x Intermediate, Switch.
1 x Coil, Inductor, No.
1 x Coil, Retardation, No.
1 x Bell No. 4A.
1 x Bell No. 1A, Unmounted.
1 x Condenser, M.C. 0.5uf.
1 x Condenser, M.C. 2uf.
1 x Condenser, M.C. 10uf.
1 x Transmitter No. 1.
2 x Cord, Flexible No. 116.
1 x Cord, Flexible No. 222.
1 x Receiver, Bell No. 1.
1 x Generator No.

Circuit diagram - N105.



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