t024.jpg (11151 bytes)Wooden cased table telephone fitted with a Telephone No. 28 as the handset.  It has a press button fitted just above, and to the right, of the front terminals.

Also known as the Telephone, Table without Bell "A". 

This telephone is used with Extension Circuits, on C.B.S. systems.

The circuit connections are equivalent to those which are obtainable with the G.P.O. Telephone for Granular Transmitter, "C", i.e., the signalling apparatus joined to Terminals 1 and 5 is entirely disconnected from the line leads when the Micro Telephone is lifted.

Similar to the Telephone No. 20 except that the bell is replaced by an exposed contact.

1 x Coil, Inductor No. 1.
1 x Cords, Flexible No. 702.
1 x Strip, Cords Flexible, Connector, 7-Terminal, Mounted.
1 x Telephone No. 28.

Made by Ericsson.

Circuit Diagram - TL146 and N124.





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Last revised: November 04, 2023