A simple portable, Magneto, telephone using a Telephone No. 34 as the handset.

Previously known as the Portable Telephone with Generator and Vibrator.

This telephone uses a Vibrator (buzzer) to indicate incoming calls.

The 3-contad Key on the Micro Telephone must be depressed for both speaking and listening.

Calls are received on the Vibrator, or "Buzzer," which is in circuit when the 3-contact Key is in the normal position.

Requires two Cells, Dry X.

Introduced circa 1917.

1 x Telephone, No. 34.
1 x Vibrator (250 ohms).
1 x Generator.
1 x Induction Coil 150/1.

Wiring diagram - N142.








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Last revised: November 08, 2023