Also called the Telephone, House, Table,  Intercommunication, 3 terminal.

Table telephone used as a sub-station on a house system with a Telephone No, 33 as the central station.

Generally fitted in pairs, in conjunction with a Coil, Inductor, 3-terminal and a Battery, Leclanche No. l, C.Z., 3-cell.

The press button (to the right of the bell) was used for calling the central station.

Introduced circa 1906.

Telephone included (1928):-
1 x Cradle for Micro telephone.
1 x Bell, Trembler.
1 x Press Button.
1 x Rose, Wall.
1 x Telephone No. 30.

The handset is a Telephone No. 30.

Circuit Diagram - TL 230.

Circuit Diagram - N146.

System wiring diagram - N133.

Made obsolete in 1947.


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