The Telephone 10200AR, marketed as the Sceptre 120, is a MF table mounted telephone similar in appearance to the loop disconnect Sceptre 100, but with a 16 digit display unit and revised press button designations.

Key features:

  1. PBX recall, as supplied configured to earth loop recall but may be modified to give timed-break recall.
  2. Last number re-dial, (up to 16 digits), this number may be transferred to any one of the 12 memory stores if desire.
  3. Last exchange-number re-dial, e.g. when used on PABX extensions it is possible to make extn-to-extn calls without affecting the last exchange-number re-dial memory.
    The Sceptre 120 assumes that any number more than four digits long will be an exchange line call and stores it separately.
  4. 12 number memory, 12 telephone numbers of up to 16 digits each may be stored under the keypad press buttons. The Sceptre 120 will give a short 'beep' to indicate when the digits shown in the display have been stored correctly.
    NB: Stored telephone numbers can include * and # codes if required.
  5. Storing called number, whilst the call is in progress.
  6. Call timing, to display elapsed time in minutes and second; (up to one hour) during a call until handset is restored.
  7. Time display, normally displayed when handset is on its rest.
  8. Alarm, the Sceptre 120 can be programmed to sound an alarm at any one time in a 24 hour period, repeated at 24 hour intervals.
  9. Digit display, that displays:- digits as they are keyed on manually, stored numbers or the last number keyed out.
  10. Incoming calls signalled by a tone ringer with adjustable volume control on the base of the instrument.

Colours: Beige and Ice Grey

Additional Information

NB: There is no facility for storing PBX access pauses in the Sceptre 120, PBX access digits should be manually keyed before attempting to send any stored numbers. This also applies to the last (exchange) Number Re-dial facility which will automatically display manually keyed access digits from it's store, preventing them from being sent out twice.

Made for BT by Denis Ferranti Meters Ltd

Telephones 10200AR each have a Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) of 1.
A telephone with a REN of 1 has a ringer sensitivity similar to that of a standard instrument (Telephone No. 8746G), the total REN value of all ringers connected at any time at an installation must not exceed 4. The REN does not guarantee compatibility between ringers of different technologies on the same installation.

To convert from earth loop to timed break recall, remove telephone cover and carefully, shift both links from positions a-b to b-c.

Telephones 10200AR are supplied with batteries that should last at least 12 months, to power the memory and display circuitry. The battery should be replaced when the `battery low' indicator shows up momentarily or if the telephone gives a short bleep as the handset is lifted. Low batteries will also result in the display appearing faint when the handset is replaced after a call.

The telephone should be disconnected from line when batteries are being replaced. This will result in loss of stored numbers and resetting of clock and alarm facilities.


Description BT Item Code
Telephone 10200AR Beige 877102
Telephone 10200AR Ice Grey 870060
Microphone Inset 22A * 436271
Microphone Inset 22A *  429608
Receiver Inset 3V 436272
Receiver Inset 3V 429609

* Interchangeable with Microphone Inset 22B fitted in some models

Telephones 10200AR are line powered and require no external power supplies for basic operation but require batteries for any of the additional functions involving stored number memory or timer.

Four AA sized Alkaline cells are provided with each telephone for fitting on installation prior to connecting to line. Battery drain is typically 125 micro amps on-hook (on or off Line), battery drain is minimal when telephone is in use.

Telephones 10200AR incorporate internal protection circuitry which will cause the Timed Break recall signal to be masked if the line voltage is much in excess of 50 volts. This can occur on certain System X line circuits.


Telephone 10200AR
Conversion to Time Break Recall

  1. With a cross head screwdriver remove the three fixing screws on the base  of the phone - holding both halves together.
  2. Turn the telephone the over so that it is the right way up and lift the top clear.
  3. Locate two small links to the left of the R button.
  4. Both links must be moved from the left left two pins, to the right two pins as shown in the diagram to the left.
  5. Replace the cover.
  6. Holding the cases together, turn over and replace the three screws.

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Last revised: April 22, 2021