Portable linesman's Magneto telephone.  The handset is a Telephone No. 112.  Later telephones were fitted with a Plug No. 6.

Used in the Great War as a Anti-Aircraft, Search Light & Height Finder Control Telephone.

Telephone No. 110B was used on portable switchboards - see below.

Telephone No. 110 Mark 234 (1917)
1 x Coil, Induction No. 1.
1 x Bell, Magneto No. 1A.
1 x Condenser No. 3, 2uf.
1 x Generator No. 20A.
1 x Telephone No. 112.
1 x Cord No. 431.

Requires 2 x Cells Dry "W".

Superseded the Telephone No. 100A.

Circuit diagram - N110.

Circuit diagrams - E.C. 1149 and E.C. 1166.


Various Views of the Telephone No. 110


Picture taken in 1915


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