Automatic & CB Pedestal Telephone

Candlestick telephone used with Boxes Coin Collecting No. 14A in Automatic and C.B. areas in Subscribers premises.

Introduced circa 1930.

Used in conjunction with Bellset No. 24.

A Dial, Automatic No. 11 is fitted locally.

Circuit Diagram - N282.

Wiring Diagram - N1171.

Complete with Cord, Instrument No. 608 (Waterproof).

The switch hook operates a contact set comprising of three contacts that all make together.

Click here for pictures of a Candlestick before refurbishment

Click here for Candlestick construction and how to dismantle the phone

Candlestick construction

Candlestick Manufacturing (Messrs Keitmann)

How to convert to Plug and Socket

Collectors Information - what to look for

Telephone mouthpiece sanitisers

Termination markings

6   1
2   5
-   3



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