Used with Bellset Nos. 5 or 15, this Bakelite cased telephone was designed for use on LB systems, long lines in CB and auto areas and for remote subscribers connected by radio links.  Introduced in 1931 and superseded in 1934 by the Telephone No. 196.

Fitted with a handset called a Telephone No. 164.  No bell, induction coil or capacitor was fitted inside the telephone, so a Bellset would have normally been fitted.

Early table telephones were connected to the internal wiring with a Strip, Flexible Cord Connection.  Click here for more information.

Circuit diagram - N290.

General information on 200 type telephones

How to dismantle a Telephone No. 162

Collectors Information - what to look for

How to restore Bakelite

Labels that fit in the sliding tray

How to fit a Bellset to a Pyramid Telephone

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