The Telephone No. 250 is a portable linesman's telephone of the local battery variety.  It has an integral battery, ringing generator and a dial.  The telephone can be used on automatic lines.

The Telephone No. 250A has a socket that accepts a headset using a Plug No. 420.  This socket is located on the left hand back corner.

The generator handle is stowed by means of the brass clip inside the lid.  The mouthpiece has a flattened spittoon.

The case was made of soft plastic, normally found in a red/brown colour, but some telephones were of a harder plastic and were a mottled brown colour.

The black coloured plate on the right hand side of the front casing is covering the generator handle entry point.

Introduced in the late 1930's.

Telephone includes (1946 and 1956):-
1 x Buzzer No. 26A.
1 x Coil, Induction No. 21.
1 x Condenser, M.C. No. 97.
1 x Cord, Instrument No. 5/09E, 3".
1 x Dial, Automatic S.S., No. 10LA (1946) or No. 12LA (1956).
1 x Generator No. 26A.
1 x Handle, Generator No. 21.
1 x Telephone No. 184B, Black, with Cord 3/63KB, 33".

To be requisitioned separately:-
1 x Battery, Dry No. 11.

Supersedes Telephone, Nos. 44 and 44B

Circuit diagram - N350.

Drawings - 63567 (250) and 92182/92163 (250A).

Specification - S203 (250) and S886 (250A).

The battery used in the phone is the Battery, Dry No. 11, which is 3 volt battery consisting of two 1.5v cells.  Click here for more information


Telephone No. 250

Additional Pictures

Telephone No. 250






Telephone No. 250A





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