Introduced in 1937 this combined table handset telephone (with magneto bell) was used in both CB & Automatic areas on extension plans.

Has provision in the case for three press buttons.

Mark 1 - has a receiver, Inset No. 1L in the handset.
Mark 2 - has a receiver, Inset No. 2P in the handset.
Mark 2A - has a receiver, Inset No. 2P in the handset and switch bracket and plungers of an improved design.

British Ericsson provided the GPO with Telephone No's 328F,  328L and 328CB.

Diagram for telephone circuit - N428.

Diagram for Button labels - N620.

Additional good quality pictures

History, Technical and General Information on 300 type telephones

Collectors information

General fault finding on your phone

How to restore Bakelite

Dismantling the Handset

Dismantling your Telephone No. 328

How to wire your Telephone No. 328 to make it work on Plug and Socket

Keys for use in 300 type Wall and Table Telephones

Lamp Fittings

Labels that fit in the sliding tray

Adjustment of Magneto bells

Comparison chart of GPO 300 type telephones


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