The Telephone No. 5031, known as Pathway, is BTs first dedicated headset-telephone. It consists of a telephone console with a plug-ended headset instead of a handset, additional/spare headsets are available separately.

Facilities are as follows:-
  • Lightweight headset with receiver volume control.
  • LD Mixed or MF (TouchTone) signalling (user switchable).
  • 32 digit (including *&#) last number redial memory.
  • Earth-loop or Timed-break recall (user switchable).
  • Secrecy (microphone cut-off switch).
  • Tone caller with adjustable volume control (hi/low).
  • For table mounted use.
  • LED line seized (on) indicator.

Pathway is delivered with the user accessible signalling and recall switches on the base of the console preset to 'T' (MF signalling) and 'E' (Earth recall) and with the caller volume set to 'Lo'.

When used in the LD signalling mode, 'soft switching to MF' is available by pressing the * or # buttons to continue the call in MF signalling, Pathway will revert to LD signalling at the end of the call.

There is no facility for storing PBX access pause in the Last Number redial store. PBX access codes may be keyed manually before pressing the 'LR' button on PBXs requiring a pause.

The line is seized by pressing the 'on/off' switch and sliding it to the left to lock it down, the line can be seized with the headset unplugged.

Base unit made by GPT Ltd, headset supplied to GPT by A.P. Besson Ltd

Approval number for Pathway (complete with Headset 20) is S/1000/3/J/501258 for use on DELs and PBXs in categories 1,3,5 & 7.

Pathway has a REN of 1 and is intended for normal office or residential locations. It is not suitable for use in bathrooms or other locations that are prone to damp or condensation. Pathway is line powered and requires no additional power supplies.

The base unit measures 180mm x 145mm x 60mm and weighs 0.4Kg. The headset 20 weighs 0.08Kg.

The Signalling and Recall switches should be set on installation according to the type of exchange/PBX it is used on. i.e.:-

'T' (Tone) MF signalling for Digital or Modernised exchanges and most PBXS.
'P' (Pulse) LD signalling, for un-modernised exchanges and older PBXS.
'E' (Earth recall) for the majority of modern PBXS.
'TB' (Timed Break recall) for Digital exchanges and certain PBXs

BT's warranty from the manufacturer is for 24 months from date marking on the base (Year & Week forming first four digits of the serial number), items failing within warranty should be returned with fault details attached to District stores for warranty handling.


Description BT Item Code
Telephone 5031 AR (complete) Lt Grey 870424
Headset 20 870428

Idle - Normal capacitor loop, additionally these telephones draw on-hook current (typically 26 micro Amps) to maintain stored/last number memory. This may give apparent 'Low Loop' line test conditions.

Seized - Normal press button telephone loop. The electronic keypad and transmission circuitry may give 'high resistance' tele-loop line test conditions as with other press button telephones.

There is no provision for memory back-up batteries in Pathway telephones, stored/last number memory cannot be guaranteed if the telephone is removed from line for more than 5 minutes.

Pathway supersedes previously provided arrangements covered in diagram N1650 whereby headsets were connected to 700 type telephones.  There is no provision for handsets on Pathway, if customers require a handset then a parallel connected (e.g. using a plug-in doubler) handset telephone should be offered.

Signalling details

  • MF signalling, fixed duration tone bursts of approximately 100 ms.
  • Timed break recall, approximately 100 ms.
  • Earth recall, continuous whilst recall button is pressed.

RFI immunity
Pathway has fairly good immunity against RFI from 100kHz to 200MHz.


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Last revised: May 30, 2010