• Line powered operation.
  • Two front plate options.

i) 3 button autodialling. It is possible to dial one of three separate numbers with the press of a single button. The autodial numbers must be programmed via the internal keypad.
ii) 14 button full dialler - (0-9, Recall & Secrecy).

  • Provision for door padlocking.
  • Wall mounting with options for post top and pole mounting.
  • Two methods of 'Recall' (internally selectable).

i) Time break recall.
ii) Earth recall.

  • DTMF or Loop Disconnect dialling (internally selectable)

Made by DAC Ltd
Shobnall St, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire DE14 2HD
Telephone: 01283 500500

Distributed by BT. Available on rental and outright sales terms.

Weather Resistant telephones are supplied under the following approval numbers:
Weather Resistant Telephone (Full Keypad) 6600 AR S/1000/3/M/502236
Weather Resistant Telephone (Auto dialler) 6601 AR S/1000/3/M/502235
Weather Resistant Telephone (Auto dialler) no door S/1000/3/M/502235

Modifications which have not received appropriate approval must not be carried out. To do so would invalidate approval and make connection unlawful.

BC Customer Service Programmes, Customer Field Notes. Will be published as necessary and contain any transitory information.

REN, Weather Resistant telephones have a REN of 1.

The casing material is die cast aluminium alloy with epoxy powder paint. The Weather Resistant telephone may be mounted on walls or posts (see INSTALLATION PARTS for the appropriate kit). The telephone must be installed using the rustproof round head screws together with the screw seals as supplied with the telephone (or similar). Whether wall or post mounted the space requirements for the Weather Resistant telephone is 360x410x325 mm. The dimensions quoted are; 360mm = height: 410mm = width with door opened 180 degrees: 325mm = depth with door opened 90 degrees. Closed specification is 360 x 193 x 114 mm. (H x W x D) The Weather Resistant telephone is suitable for external locations but not for use in 'Hazardous Areas' i.e. where flammable or explosive atmospheres or combustible dusts may be present. Cable entry is via a standard 20mm conduit compression gland for external type cables having a circular cross-section.

Appropriate precautions must be taken if any site specific safety hazards exist where Weather Resistant Telephones are installed. Weather Resistant Telephones are line powered and do not require any external power supplies. They are approved for direct connection to the BT network or to extensions off PBX's.

There is no provision for accommodating a Line Box or Master Line Jack within the body of the telephone and the telephone must be 'hard wired'. When used on a direct exchange line it should be hard wired via the internal capacitor to complete the bell circuit. Cabling may be provided by external type cable, Mineral Insulated cable or cabling in 20mm conduit as appropriate to site conditions. The telephone has 2 x 2omm conduit entries which can accommodate cable compression glands as required. If cables enter via a compression gland the cable size should be appropriate for the sealing washer. Only one cable per gland, which must be of circular cross-section.

The BT line must be isolated from the Weather Resistant telephone before working on the instrument.

If it is not possible to fasten the telephone to a flat surface, it must be fixed to a post using one of the three optional mounting kits available. if this is not possible, the customer should be advised that a suitable position for fixing should be provided. On no account should modifications be made to the instrument to facilitate fixing.

It will be beneficial if some assessment of the installation needs are made prior to the installation visit. This will ensure that the required kits, special tools and any additional fixing materials will be available.



The telephone will only be weather resistant when installed correctly. If the installation has to be carried out in inclement weather, precautions should be taken to ensure that the instrument is kept dry. Any moisture in the instrument during installation will be trapped inside the instrument.

Only the round-head screws as supplied with the kit (or similar) should be used. It is essential that each screw is fitted with a soft sealing washer. All four screws must be used: No screw hole to be left open.

Only one cable should enter via either compression gland and the gland size must be appropriate for the cable diameter. If it is necessary for two cables to enter the instrument the second compression gland must be used. The gland supplied is for use with cables having a circular cross-sectional area with a diameter between 4.0 and 7.0 mm. If the cable sizes are outside this range, compression glands should be purchased locally. Three variants are available, as indicated below. They are known as; Nylon Compression Glands M20 for cable range xx - xx millimetre.

Cable diameter xx - xx millimetre
4.0 - 7.0 mm (Glands as supplied)
7.0 - 10.5 mm
8.0 - 13.0 mm

The gland should be tightened using a suitable spanner or wrench. Care should be taken to ensure the cable is not damaged by over tightening.

It is important that the connection of the Weather Resistant telephone case to conduit, MI or armoured cable glands is carried out by a competent person; e.g. an approved electrical contractor.

Care must be taken not to damage any weather proofing seals whilst installing the telephone.

NOTE: Later Versions of the Weather Resistant Telephone are supplied with red seals fitted into the four screw holes of the back-plate and the compression gland entry. These are intended to prevent moisture entry prior to installation and must be removed during installation.


The signalling and recall switch(es) located inside the Weather Resistant Telephone are not Customer accessible and must be set on installation.

The Weather Resistant Telephone is compatible with the current customer premises wiring code and may be installed by the customer's Approved Installer/Maintainer, in accordance with instructions supplied with the instrument. If the Weather Resistant telephone is to be connected to a DEL, by the customer's Approved Installer/Maintainer, a NTE 5B must be fitted by BT.

Programming the Weather Resistant Telephone (Autodial version only) is as follows:-

  1. Slide programming switch, marked 'Prog.... Auto', to the 'Prog' position.
  2. Press the 'Store' button.
  3. Press the location which you want the number to be programmed into, on the front of the case.
  4. Input number onto the keypad on the PCB. (Note: Maximum of 24 digits including '*' and #).
  5. Press 'Store' button.
  6. Replace slider switch to 'Auto' position.


  1. Repeat steps 1 to 6 for each number stored.
  2. If 999 is not stored as an auto dial number, place warning sticker by keypad to indicate that emergency calls cannot be made from the telephone.

Maintenance is restricted to functional testing, visual inspection of case and cable entry seal integrity and instrument change out. There are no field replaceable parts and if the instrument proves faulty, it must be changed for a new instrument.

If the telephone is changed. the back plate MUST-ALSO BE CHANGED. Experience has shown that a high proportion of faults are the result of Poor installation which has allowed water to enter the unit.

Machines with a BT maintenance agreement will be repaired or exchanged onsite as described above in "MAINTENANCE".

BT's warranty with the manufacturer is for 18 months.

BT's warranty to the customer is for 15 months.

If the product is sold, and does not have a maintenance agreement, it is the customers responsibility to return the faulty telephone to the manufacturer. As the telephone is hard wired it will be necessary for the customers Approved Maintainer/Installer to recover the telephone. This applies to telephones both in and out of warranty.

The date of manufacture can be determined from the small white label affixed to the back plate headed "WRT BASIC": The number on the label, e.g. 9137001216 translates to; year 91, week 37, serial number 001216.

         Description                                                   BT Item Code
         Weather Resistant Telephone (Full Keypad) 6600 AR             870482
         Weather Resistant Telephone (Auto dialler) 6601 AR            870483
         Weather Resistant Telephone (Auto dialler -no door)           870511

         All  telephones are supplied with an installation kit comprising;

         4 x  No.12 1.5" round-head screws
         4 x  soft sealing washers
         1 x  5mm Allen key
         2 x  cable glands
         4 x  wall plugs 1.5" x 12

         The  following accessories are available and can be purchased 
         direct from the manufacturer.

         Item                                            Order Ref. No.

         Post Side Mounting Kit                          100-02-0081-001
         Post Top Mounting Kit                           100-02-0024-002
         PSTN Mounting Post kit                          100-02-0082-002

         Prices can be obtained from DAC Ltd: Tel. 01283 500500

Normal test conditions.


  1. The Weather Resistant telephone may be used as a direct replacement for existing Weatherproof telephones.
  2. Timer (all versions) - The telephone is equipped with a "time out" circuit between 6 and.7 minutes to prevent a line remaining engaged indefinitely in the event of the hand-set not being replaced. This feature can be armed or disarmed as required.
  3. MF Muting (Autodialler only) - This feature ensures that calls cannot be made from this telephone using a remote interrogator.


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