TELEPHONE No's 6744 & 6745

Press button Weatherproof Telephones 6744 (MF 4 signalling) and 6745 (LD signalling) use the same case as the Telephone 745 (Dial version Weatherproof telephone) but incorporate a keypad instead of a dial.
Telephone No. 6744 - door closed Telephone No. 6744 - door open

Facilities are as follows:-

  • MF4 signalling (Tele 6744).
  • 10 pulses per second LD signalling (Tele 6745).
  • Earth-loop recall.
  • Die-cast alloy metal weatherproof case.
  • For wall mounted use only.
  • Cover may be fitted with lock if required.
  • Incoming calls signalled by a bell.

Made by Plessey Ltd (was GPT, then Siemens/GEC, now Siemens).

Weatherproof telephones are approved and supplied under approval number S/1209/28/F/451522.

For PBX extension approval, Weatherproof Telephones 6744 may be fitted on the same PBXs as Teles 8782R and Weatherproof Telephones 6745 on the same PBXs as Teles 8756R.

Weatherproof telephones have a REN of 1.

Weatherproof telephones weigh approx. 5 kg and are suitable for mounting on walls or firm vertical surfaces. The mounting area of the case is approx. 318 mm high X 145 mm wide. Cable entry is via two 20 mm conduit entry bushes located at the bottom edge of the telephone.

Weatherproof telephones incorporate screw terminals for hard wiring.


Description BT item code
Tele 6744 877094
Lock 49A 434584
Receiver Inset 2/3T (Inductive Coupler) 877029
Receiver Inset 4T 442826
Microphone Inset 21A 436189
Microphone Inset 21B 877084
Handset No. 8 Blue 870918
Cord Instrument 4/118AX, Black 512161
Mouthpiece 21A, Blue 432477
Earpiece 29A Blue  

Early models tended to suffer keypad failure if used in areas of high humidity, models produced after September 1986 have encapsulated keypad PCBs and should not suffer from this problem.

Dial version Weatherproof telephones could be fitted with 'Dial - 9 only dials' (Dials Automatic No. 28 FA) to provide 999 only facilities if required by customers.

There is no 999 only keypad for press button Weatherproof telephones, 999 only facilities may be provided on these telephones by the following means:-

  1. Exchange based Call Barring facility (e.g. as available on System X).
  2. Connection via customer provided approved 'Call Barring Unit'.
  3. Removal of all keypad buttons except digit '9' and fitting a blanking plate for the removed buttons.

Method 3 is an approved modification for Telephones 6744 and 6745, and should be carried out in a suitable workshop environment. The recovered buttons should be bagged up and safely stored inside the telephone and the telephone case clearly marked '999 CALLS ONLY' for users to see. Blanking plates may be made up locally as shown overleaf, to fit between the existing escutcheon plate and the keypad.

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Last revised: May 30, 2010