Taken from an article in the Post Office telecommunications journal
Spring 1969

Britain's telephones of the 1970s may be dressed in a rainbow of new colours to match the sparkling decor which will make the country's homes and offices over the next decade brighter and better places to live and work in.

For the past six months the colours featured on these pages, and a few others not reproduced here, have been tried out on the public in a series of displays in the bigger city stores, at exhibitions and in Telephone Managers offices, Telephone Exchange buildings and Head Postmasters offices in every Post Office region.

At the Gamages Department Store, in London, more than 3,000 visitors filled in questionnaires indicating their colour preference.

There are 19 new colours in all, ten for the Trimphone, including black in which it has never been available before, and nine for the modern telephone, the 706 and 746 series. Also included in the new range are transparent "see through" modern telephones and red Trimphones.

To speed up results of the survey, questionnaires from the regions are being processed by computer at NDPS in London and then will be evaluated by staff at the Market Research Division at Telecoms Headquarters.

The main purpose of the exercise is to measure public reaction to the suggested new colours. Results of the market research may also influence the colour ranges of future telephones.

If any of the new experimental colours are introduced they will be the first change in telephone colours in ten years.

Some of the colours on show to the public

Telephone No. 712 - Satin Gold Telephone No. 712 - Satin Chrome
Telephone No. 712 - Bright Gold Telephone No. 712 - Bright Chrome
Telephone No. 712 - Transparent Telephone No. 712 - Tangerine
Telephone No. 712 - Red Telephone No. 712 - Black
Telephone No. 712 - Grey Telephone No. 712 - Ivory
Telephone No. 706 - Orange Telephone No. 706 - Satin Chrome
Telephone No. 706 - Satin Gold Telephone No. 706 - Bright Chrome
Telephone No. 706 - Transparent Telephone No. 706 - Bright Gold


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