Produced in the early 1980's these telephones were used in pairs and sold as an intercom system to the general public.  They in a box, with an instruction leaflet in the colours red or grey.

Under the handset is a battery holder, but a 9 volt power adaptor could be plugged into a socket on the rear of the telephone if batteries were not to be used.

Connected together using a 4-wire cable (30 metres supplied).

Signalling the other telephone was achieved by turning the dial which sounded a buzzer on the distant telephone.  The dial off-normal springs are used for this purpose.

The bells are not used because the voltage is 9 volts DC, so the ringer mechanism was removed.  The bells are left in situ to support the dial.

These phones are not wired as standard.

The battery holder is connected to:-
Red wire - T19
Black wire - T4

The line cord is connected to:-
Red wire - T18
White wire - T8
Green wire - T4
Blue wire - T6

The buzzer is connected to:-
Orange wire - T12
Black wire - T4

Boxed and sold as an intercom system


The battery holder can be seen between the switchooks.
To the right of the handset cord is a power adaptor connector (used instead of batteries)



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Last revised: December 07, 2019