Introduced in 1959 this was a modified Telephone No. 706 with dial replaced with a loudspeaker.

Used on the LST No 1 in conjunction with Amplifier No. 138A and Control Unit No. 8A.

Had provision for one additional switch and was superseded by Telephone No. 716

Diagrams N 808 or SA 4160.

Specification - S599.

Drawings - 91576 and 91568.

Additional information

Tele 708Mk 1y1/59 
 Mk 2y10/63Printed wiring
 Mk 2Ay 10/63Modified
Tele 708Mk 1y1/59With connector 1014C
Tele 708Mk 1y With connector 1018A - used with amp No. 138B and control unit No. 8A


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Last revised: December 19, 2019