GEC Telephone No. 707 or 711 Prototypes

These pictures are from the GEC Telephone Works at Coventry.  They were taken by the GEC marketing department and show different stages of development of the GPO Telephone No. 711, which GEC also sold as the TEL/2W.

GEC won the design for the 700 type wall telephone, which on paper was called the Telephone No. 707 but was officially released as the Telephone No. 711.

Click here for GEC submissions for the 700 type wall set

Click here for the actual production Telephone No. 711

Picture dated - July 1960
Strange looking screw under the case and the case only has provision for one
additional press button on the front of the case
Picture dated - October 1960
Case fixings show - underneath the handset rest
The released model had just one fixing next to the handset cord entry.
Picture dated - October 1960
Picture dated - October 1960
The regulator is the same one from a 706 telephone.  Released 711's have
the regulator in the base and mounted sideways
Picture dated - February 1961
Externally looking like the production model, but the fixing screw is not located by the handset cord as yet
Picture dated - August 1961
Picture showing wall fixing bracket exposed.  Also note that the press button switch
switch at the top of the phone is fitted with two screws.
The regulator is now in it's production position
Picture dated - August 1961
Close up of the additional switch unit.  The buttons are not production style
Picture dated - August 1961
Break down of additional components - these would be fitted as and when as extras.
From left to right - lamps in holder, long buttons, lower centre is a Local Battery Adaptor
(switch and choke coil), above centre is the four switch unit, trembler bell and
bottom right the single press button on mounting with the case blanking plates.

Not all the above were adopted by the BPO.

Picture dated - August 1961
Press button switch unit in place - provision for 4 buttons
Picture dated - August 1961
Local battery adaptor and Trembler bell installed
Picture dated - February 1962
Lamps and single press button switch in place
Picture dated - February 1962
Early production model - the handset cord is the grebe type - soon to be replaced
by the curly plastic type
Picture dated - February 1962
Picture showing the wall mounting bracket to the right
Picture dated - 1960
GEC wall phone prototype at The Grange in Coventry


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