This telephone was used on subscriber push button VF signalling systems. There is provision for one press button switch to be fitted.

It was produced from a Telephone No. 706 but modified as follows:-

  • A push button keyset replaces the dial.
  • The dial aperture in the cover is enlarged to cater for the keyset.
  • The oscillators are located on a special mounting above the terminal strip.
  • Two special brackets are fitted to take a Buzzer No. 32A and a Capacitor.

Introduced around 1963 and available only in Grey.

For more information see Telephone No. 728.

Originally known as the Telephone SA 4184.

Circuit diagram - N824.

Specifications - S812 and S814.

Telephone SA 4184 - picture dated 1963

This was called an experimental telephone and differs from the production model in so much as it has
no provision for a number label.

Telephone SA 8184 - internal view

The production model above is dated February 1965 and was installed in Leighton Buzzard.


Additional information

Tele 724LMk 1y9/63 


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