TELEPHONE No. 756 & 8756

Line powered, 10pps push button table, telephone based on the Telephone No. 746 with provision for two press buttons.

Initially Telephones No. 756 were prefixed by a stroke number to indicate the manufacture. Subsequently these were not used as all variants are interchangeable and future differences in design manufacture were indicated by a mark number.

Circuit diagram - N856 (Telephone No. 756) and N8856 (Telephone No. 8756).

Specifications - S1203 (Telephone No. 756) and S1485 (Telephone No. 8756).

Publicity Brochure - PH1770.

Telephone No. 8756
In 1982 the Telephone No. 8756 Ivory was introduced and this fitted with high impedance bell ringer and a new style Plug and Socket cord (Cord Connecting No. 4/502 3000mm).

Telephone No. 8756 was produced in Mark's 6,7,8 and 9.

Mark 6, 7, 8 and 9 came in the colours Ivory and Grey.  The Mark 9 was also part of the Phoenix Phone scheme and came in Pampas, Primrose, Lime, Mushroom and White.  These were made obsolescent in 1983.

Telephone No. 3/756 Ivory

Additional information

ModelMarkIvoryGreyPBU No.IntroducedRemarks
Tele 756Mk 1yy53A/18/79STC AS Tele 1/756
 Mk 2yy53B/11/80STC cost reduced known as Tele 1/756 Mk 2
 Mk 3yy53A/24/79GEC as Tele 2/756
 Mk 4yy53A/34/79PYE-TMC as Tele 3/756
 Mk 5yy53C/11/80STC
 Mk 6yy53B/27/80GEC
 Mk 7yy53B/37/80PYE/TMC
 Mk 8yy53B/44/81Plessey
 Mk 9yy53A/51/82BTF
 Mk 10yy53B/43/82Plessey
Tele 1/756 yy 8/76STC
Tele 2/756 yy 1/79GEC
Tele 3/756 yy 1/79PYE/TMC


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