T&N pre-war table and wall telephone

Produced from 1935 to 1952, this telephone has a highly characteristic ‘sit up and beg’ design.  Notable features of the pre-war version include the all-metal dial, curiously over-large handset and the cow-bell gongs of the ringer; Bakelite was substituted for cast aluminium in the cradle in 1938.  The dial sometimes has letters as well as numerals, arranged in the German style.

The post-war model had a standard German Post Office handset and a plastic finger wheel for the dial.  The equivalent wall set was made of black stove-enamelled steel, with Bakelite handset hanging at the left-hand side and two nickelled bell gongs on top of the case.  Based on a German Post Office design of 1919, this telephone was supplied both before and after the war.


PAX systems in offices and factories, also the London studios of the commercial radio station Radio Normandy.  Installed by the British Home & Office Company and its subsidiaries.

Brochure photographs of a table wall telephone.

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Last revised: January 31, 2021