You would be lucky to find a model name or number on a Telcer telephone, but you will probably find a manufacturers label on the base.

These phones were produced in Italy and the label on the base normally states "Telcer Telefonia S.A.S. - Vimodrone MI".

Telcer also produced telephones under license and supplied the Italian State with telephones.  If made for the Italian State then the telephone would have the mark "SIP" on the base.  "SIP" stands for SocietÓ Idroelettrica Piemontese.

Telcer supplied decorator telephones to many countries worldwide.  In Australia, the original Telcer parts were used with the addition of a Telstra ATM (anti-tinkle module).

Due to lack of labelling or documentation, the telephones shown below are for identification only and one must remember that Telcer probably produced the same model in different colours, styles and materials.

Telcer were also supposed to be associated with a company called Telart but there is scant evidence to support that statement.

Sirius (PE300)  
BoBo - Designed by Sergio Todeschini  


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Last revised: November 18, 2023