TI Q3 E0005
Abrasive wheels, safety in use						M4 El050
Access to PABX apparatus rooms						E5 D0005
Adjustment instructions, Strowger apparatus, schedule			E6 H5001
Aid for the handicapped,
	coin insertion aid No. 1					C3 G7011
Ambassador telephone booklet						S10 S0007
Ammunition depots, installation of telephone equipment			C3 A0180
Amplifier, and loudspeaker,
	- No.  4 description and installation				C3  M1050
	- No.  4 maintenance						E5 F1007
	- No.  5 description and installation				C3 M1060
	- No.  5 maintenance						E5 F1008
	- No.  11 A installation					C3 B2011
	- No.  11 A maintenance						E5 F1011
	- No.  12A							C3 B2012
	- No.  143A							C3 B2135
Answering and recording set
	- No. 1A maintenance						E5 F3151
	- No. 101A maintenance						E5 F3153
	device No. 1 (Shipton)						C3 L3113
	lamps (6 V multiplied) test of changeover
	alarms and d.c. standby supply					E6 R5659
	recording device,
	- lsophone							C3 L3108
	- Recordacall							C3 L3112
	recording machine,
	- Ansaphone							C3 L3110
	- Gate Electronics Ltd						E5 F2111
	- Phonemaster							C3 L3114
	- Recordaphone							C3 L3115
	- Robophone							C3 L3117
	- Tel-stor							C3 L3116
	set No. 1
	- maintenance							E5 F3111
	- parts								E5 F3112
	set No. 1 A, mark 1 , description				C3 M1001
	set No. 2							E5 F3124
	set No. 2A installation						C3 M1003
	set No. 3A,
	- description, adjustments					E5 F3121
	- maintenance							E5 F3123
	sets Nos. 1 A (Mk 1 and 2), 2, 2A and 2A (Mk 2),
	- maintenance							E5 F3115
Approved non-PO equipment,
faultsmen's procedure							E5 F2000
Artificial kidney machines, precautions
against infection in premises with					M4 E2060
Attachments, non-electrical, at subscribers' stations			E5 F2004
	101A, (key callmaker),
	- installation							C3 M0035
	- maintenance							E5 F3213
	104A and 105A (XL callmaker),
	maintenance								E5 F3215
	106A									E5 F3217
	201 A (tape callmaker),
		- description and installation					C3 M0040
		- maintenance							E5 F3212
	302A (card callmaker),
		- installation							C3 M0045
	401A									C3 S0401
		- (mono callmaker), maintenance					E5 F3214
Autodials 301A and 302A, on-site
		- maintenance							E5 F3219

	- by hand tools							E6 H5312
	- by motorised tools						E6 H5313
	- loose clamp bolts						E6 H5900
	2000 type,
	- replacement of insulating sectors				E6 H5901
	- selector, alignment						E6 H5163
	dry No. 27							E6 K4704
	lead, erection repair and recovery,
	health safeguards						E12 F0002
	primary, testing						E12 P5316
	accommodation, precautions					E12 F0011
	units - see power plant
BBC recordings over exchange lines					C3 A0161
Bell Set 48 and 50B, maintenance					E5 B2658
Bells and hooters, sales information					B4 M0010
	magneto, additional capacitors for
	satisfactory operation						E5 B4106
	provision							C3 M0060
Box connection 3B, termination of PABX1					C3 F1022
Boxes, coin-collecting,
	installations, works specifications (SW)			C3 G7050
	No. 700, parts for overhaul					E5 C2053
	No. 700 and 705, operation					E5 C2010
	No. 705, parts for maintenance and overhaul			E5 C2054
	No. 705D, on site						E5 C2051
	No. 725, mech, 25a maintenance					E5 C2077
	No. 72Sb, maintenance						E5 C2060
	No. 725E							C3 G7006
	No. 735, adjustments						E5 C2061
	"Britannia" yacht, ship-to-shore service			C3 A0201
Brushes, carbon for ringing and pulsing machines			E6 G2001
Buzzers, provision of							C3 M0060
Cable pair identification, internal
	locator No. 5B							C3 R4040
Cabling and wiring, in business premises,
	- safety requirements						C3 R8014
	- works practices						C3 R8011
	- installation							C3 R8015
- internal							A6 D0501
Call barring unit 1 A							C3 M0090
	Call offices
		aids for handicapped
		inductive couplers					E5 C0881
	and subs coinbox installations, call office plan No. 5E		C3 G1055
	coinbox collection HPMs responsibilities			D5 H0024
	diagrams							E5 C1002
	dial cord termination, steel dials				E5 C0707
	directional signs						D5 H0018
	discrepancies, Traffic Division procedure			D1 C0018
	equipment, circuits and notices					D5 H0020
	fluorescent tube replacement					E5 S5215
	in Post Offices, policy						D5 H0014
	lighting and cleaning						D5 H0017
	- procedure							E5 C0012
	- responsibility						E5 C0011
	theft from and damage to					D5 H0022
		Club sites, telephone facilities			C3 A0171
	for aircraft accident investigation,
		telephone facilities					C3 A0170
	Carrier group circuit record A480				E1 A1458
Carrier system,
	WB 400,
	- associated signalling, description				E9 E2080
	- associated signalling,
	maintenance procedure						E9 E2091
	- change-over alarm test, CCPs					E9 X6195
	- change-over alarm and listening test, double path		E9 X6183
	- clamping and listening test, single path			E9 X6188
	- equipment carrier No. 404A, tests				E9 X6181
	- faulting at subscribers' installations			E9 E2092
	- noise interference						E9 E2099
	- Repair Service Control procedure				E9 E2090
	- reserve dry batteries, inspection				E9 X6187
	- setting-up/lining-up at CCPs					E9 E2094
	- setting up/lining up, exchanges				E9 E2081
	- signalling test, CCP's					E9 E2097
	- siren points, fault location					E9 E2095
	- test equipment						E9 E2093
	- transmission and signal level etc, at ccps			E9 X6181
	- transmission levels, battery change, intermediates		E9 X6184
	- transmission levels, dry battery test, double path		E9 X6182
	- transmission levels, dry battery test, single path		E9 X6185
	WB 900 (subs 1 + 1)
	- description							A2 C1009
	- exchange maintenance, OCB, TDS				E9 E2712
	- RSC procedure							E9 E2790
	- subs app maintenance						E9 E2710
		WB 1400
	installation of equipment at a carrier control point		C3 J1171
		installation of WB 1400 receivers				C3 J1170
		Cases No. 204A and associated items, description and use	A8 K1054
		Cash containers, No. 2, 3 and 4, fitting of locks No. 15	C3 G7021
Circuit diagram folders							E6 A0206
	emergency and part time, diversion
	arrangements							A8 K2012
	- DC wetting							A8 K0601
	- EGD networks,
	planning and provision						C3 F0302
	- line terminating facilities at customers premises		A8 K0011
Classified index of SA, SAW, SA/SAW, SAJ, SA(L), SAX diagrams,
	- automatic equipment						C3 A5003
	- subscribers' equipment other than PBXs			C3 A5004
	- switchboard equipment						C3 A5002
Cleaning of telephone instruments					E5 B0213
Clips, test, No. 32							E6 D8806
C02  and halon gas, hazards on customers' premises			M4 E4051
Coastguard stations, telephone facilities				C3 A0175
	locks, maintenance
	replacement							E5 C0052
	mechanisms, centralised overhaul				E5 C0022
	mechanisms, storage						E5 C2065
	pay-on-answer, spare parts available
	to CCB maintenance centres only					E5 C2052
Coin collecting boxes, 725E						C3 G7006
Coin insertion aid No. 1						C3 G7011
Combined speech and telegraph circuits, Exchange Telegraph Co		A8 H0094
Combining unit SA 10198							C3 Sl501
Compact telephone, telephone No. 776-1					C3 B1051
Conference calls, policy						D5 I0010
Conference telephone, Orator Mk 2,
	maintenance							E5 F1001
	installation							C3 B2010
	maintenance							E5 B3020
Connexion of portable tools and office machinery			H10 E2000
Convertors ringing Nos. 4, 5, 6 and 7					E5 A4004
Cord circuits, functional tests, PMBX 1A, and PBX SA 7560		E5 D1550
Cords, reducing length of						E6 E0433
Covers, pre-2000 types, repair and
	replacement							E6 H5902
Crediting of service and test calls					E5 A0031
	- and PABX (STC) multiple relay
	adjustments							E6 H2305
	exchanges, inspection of quintuple relays			E6 R2304
Current tester,
	AT 4557								E6 D8610
	AT 4569, for double coil relays					E6 D8612
Customer controlled conference amplifier				C3 S1501
Customer's apparatus repair
	- general							E5 A0021
	- specialised items						E5 A0015
	installations, overhaul and test				E13 B2003
	operating and other service information, dial centre labels	D6 E4500
Damaged apparatus, repair and eplacement				E5 A0022
Datel services,								C3 10002
	special engineering information					C3 10002
Defence stations, cleaning and maintenance				H15 A1019
Dessicant packs								E3 A3016
	call offices, subs coinboxes					E5 C1002
	classified indexes of SA, SAW,
	- power plant and common services				C3 A5008
	- signalling equipment						C3 A5007
	- testing							C3 A5005
	- traffic and engineering services				C3 A5006
	superseded issues						E6 A0203
	- 21 FA steel, correct termination at PCO's			E5 C0707
	- 21, maintenance						E5 B5219
	- arrangements for blind subscribers				C3 M0025
	- trigger type, adjustment					E6 H5125
	centre labels,
	- maintenance							E5 B5203
	- protection kit 269A						E5 C0705
	maintenance in exchanges					E6 H0004
	on customers' apparatus, maintenance				E5 B5202
	on switchboards, routine check					E6 R6524
Dictation equipment, remotely controlled from PABX extensions		E5 D2290
Digital timer for PDA mechanisms (TRT 240)				E5 C2070
	current, DC, wetting of private circuits			A8 K0601
	exchange lines, transmission and signalling limits		A2 C4052
Directories, missing							E5 A0032
Discriminatory call barring unit - DCB					C3 M0090
Distribution frames, inspection						E6 R5713
Doric, amplifier and loudspeaker
	- No. 11 A installation						C3 B2011
	- No. 11 A maintenance						E5 F1011
Ducts and conduits, entering structures with coms equipment, sealing	A2 F0452
Earthing arrangements in subscribers' premises				A2 E1006
	generating and substations, wiring and cabling in		A2 E0123
	supply authorities, high voltage sites				E1 H4012
Electronic apparatus, return and repair					E5 A0015
Electrowriter								C3 L3120
	calling devices							E5 F2205
	circuits and part time circuits, diversion arrangements		A8 K2012
	restoration of service, Telecom equipment, THQ assistance	El Al501
	announcer 9A							E6 G2811
	announcer 9A, adjustment					E6 R0215
	announcer 9A, inspection, cleaning				E6 R0212
	announcer 9A, lubrication					E6 R0211
	fault card procedure for mechanism
	overhauls							E6 D0020
PABX, SA 8100 for PABX 1 and 2,
	description							E5 D2115
	racks, inspection						E6 R5714
Explosive dusts present during installations				C3 A0185
Extension plans, general information					C3 C0010
	extensions, provision						C3 A0102
	plant construction, ammunition depots				C2 C0100
Factory and Workshop Acts, lead paint
	protection against poisoning					M4 E0552
	bell, subscribers' coinboxes					E5 C0055
	speech amplifier						C3 B2135
Field support unit for SPC PABX
	maintenance							E1 D2020
Filing of diagrams etc							E6 A0205
Final selectors,
	1/20 PBX functional test with tester
	No. 52								E6 R5109
	regular and 2/10 PBX, functional
	test with tester No. 52						E6 R5108
Fireman's call out system,
	remote control,
	- description							C3 J1030
	- description and facilities					C3 J1049
	- VFA								C3 J1050
	- DX call bells							E5 E2128
	- K								E5 E2150
	VF system 'A'							A8 H2108
Fire protection using total flooding systems in customers' premises	C3 D1001
Fire service PBXS, priority signalling					E5 D0108
Flameproof installations,
	description							C3 A0186
Forestry Commission watchtowers,
	precautions							E2 F1010
Frames mounting No. 2a							C3 E4035
Fuse panels and fuse alarms, inspection and check			E6 R5301
Fuses, alarm-type, 44A and 49A						E1 H4449
Gauges, tension, tester for                       			E6 A8807
Group chargeship, SA and L mtce                   			M2 D5500
	Halon gas and CO2, hazards on	customers' premises			M4 E4051
	4 and 5,
	- installation							C3 B2130
	- maintenance							E5 B5314
	6 and 6A-2,
	- installation							C3 B2140
	- maintenance							E5 B5306
	- lamp-calling							E5 B5307
	14A, maintenance						E5 B5314
	in call-offices, security rivets				E5 C0706
Harmony, amplifier and loudspeaker No. 12A				C3 B2012
Hazardous substances,
	Polychlorinated Biphenyis (PCBS)				P1 C4251
Head sets,
	1 and 2, description						C3 B1080
	3 and 3A (Auralite and Auralite Executive), maintenance		E5 B5320
Heavy stores, handling of						M4 E0099
Herald call connect system, maintenance procedures			E5 D2176
High voltage,	
	in customers' apparatus, protection of PO lines			A2 E0522
	sites, electricity supply authorities				E1 H4012
Hoist, underground structures						J3 C0098
Holes, cutting and plugging						C3 R2001
Home renal dialysis (artificial kidney) machines, precautions		M4 E2060
Hooters, provision of							C3 M0060
House exchange systems,
	- 1 and 2 circuit operation					E5 D7014
	- 1 and 2 facilities						C3 C3001
	- 1 and 2 description						C3 C3020
	- 1 and 2 maintenance						E5 D7015
	- 1 and 2 operating procedure					C3 C3021
	- 1, 2, 3 and 4 transmission standards				C3 C3010
	- 3 circuit operation						E5 D7034
	- 3 facilities							C3 C3030
	- 3 maintenance							E5 D7035
	- 3 and 4 description						C3 C3032
	- 4 circuit operation						E5 D7044
	- 4 facilities							C3 C3031
	- 4 installation						C3 C3036
	- 4 maintenance							E5 D7045
telephone system,
	- 1 installation						C3 M4000
	- 1 maintenance							E5 D7301
	- 2 installation						C3 M4001
	- 2 maintenance							E5 D7302
Hypothetical estimates, repayment works					L5 D0014
Index of SA, SAW, SA/SAW, SAJ, SA(L), SAX diagrams,
	- classified                                         		C3 A5001
	- numerical                                          		C3 A5000
	Infringements of PO monopoly, suspected					D5 B0004
Inspection for busied apparatus (in  automatic exchanges)		E6 R5101
Instruction cards at subscribers' premises, faulty or missing		E5 A0032
Interconnection of private circuits to the
public switched telephone or telex network, service policy		D5 B0008
Interference from AC electrified railways,
suppression of							El H3026
Internal cable distribution						C3 R8015
Interruption to customers' telephone circuits				E1 A0082
Irons soldering, electric						Al F5251
Jerkins, high visibility                            			A2 E5021
Jumpering, routing and running in exchanges				A6 D1101
Key, and lamp units,
	- for order tables						E5 F4321
	- Nos. 2A and 10A, description					C3 M2001
	changing jig							E5 G2102
	systems 1A1/1A2, USAF bases,
	maintenance							E5 F4010
for PABXS,
	- with DC code C signalling,
	maintenance							E5 B2820
	- with MF (SSMF 4) signalling,	
	description							C3 B3010
	- with MF (SSMF 4) signalling,
	maintenance							E5 B2821
	labels								D6 E4501
	SA 10186, batteryless,
	- installation							C3 B3030
	- maintenance							E5 B2827
Keysender No. 1, self contained						C3 E5029
	1000 type, cam replacement					E5 A0501
	for PO buildings,						E1 A0306
	lever-type, loose bearing, pins					E6 H0908
	non-locking lever, lubrication					E1 F5101
Kidney machine patients, telephone repairs, precautions			E5 H0005
	fabric and fittings, maintenance				E5 C5003
	handling equipment,
	- tools, data							J3 C0100
	- use								C1 A8147
	No. 6,
	- erection							C3 G8001
	- requisitioning						G3 B2524
	No. 8, installation instructions				C3 G8004
	trailer No. 2, description and use				C1 A8146
Kiosks, types, design and decoration					D5 H0013
Kirk, loudspeaking telephone No. 10, description, fitting		C3 B2009
	Labelling and marking, abbreviations					E6 A0302
Ladders feet 1A								C1 A8008
	signal device (sordoviso)					C3 L3107
	signalling handset (handset No. 7)				C3 B2141
Lead acid secondary batteries,						El2 P5327
	electrolyte level adjustment					El2 P5301
	examination and cleaning					El2 P5302
Licences for telecom, general						D5 B0004
Lifts, telephones in							E5 A7021
Lighting of,
	kiosks								H11 E3000
	telephone cabinets						H11 E3010
Limits, transmission and signalling
PABXs 1, 2 and 3							C3 F0401
PABXs 4, 5 and 6							C3 F0402
PMBXs 1 A								C3 E0120
PMBXs, cordless								C3 E0110
for PMBXs, general							C3 E0101
	switchboards AT 3796 and sections,
	switch BECB mult No. 9						C3 E0116
	switchboard CB 873						C3 E0115
	switchboard N1070						C3 E0117
	- audio 1/XX, description					A2 C1083
	- audio and signalling, RSC records
and procedures								E6 A1008
	- general maintenance information				E6 A1001
	- local line network, general description			A2 C1082
	- use and control						A2 C1076
	terminating facilities at customers'
	premises							A8 K0011
Local line plant records, cable pair appropriation, transition methods	A2 L2001
Locator 5B, description, use, internal cabling				C3 R4040
Locks and keys for coin-collecting boxes,				E5 C0050
	maintenance replacement						E5 C0052
Long line signalling unit AT 50595					C3 A0101
Loudspeaking telephones,
	general								C3 B2000
	Nos.1 and 1A, installation					C3 B2001
	Nos.1 and 1A, maintenance					E5 B2802
	No. 2 maintenance						E5 B2803
	No. 3 installation						C3 B2003
	No. 3 maintenance						E5 B2804
	Nos. 4A-1 and 4C-1, installation				C3 B2004
	Nos. 4A-1 and 4C-1, maintenance					E5 B2805
	No. 4D, maintenance						E5 B2806
	No. 5B (Servophone) maintenance					E5 B2807
	No. 7A (Servophone) maintenance					E5 B2808
	No. 12A (Harmony) maintenance					E5 F1012
	Low voltage d.c. supplies, safety precautions			M4 E2000
	LST 10, Kirk loudspeaking telephone description, fitting	C3 B2009
	and cleaning of mechanisms in
	automatic exchanges						E6 R5172
	of CCB mechanisms, list of Oildag suppliers			E5 C2076
	of switching mechanisms						E6 H5137
	Machines pulsing 2, 3, 4, 5, 15A, 15B parts				E6 G2201
Magneto bells, maintenance						E5 B4105
Mechanical aids, non-vehicular, data sheets, general			J3 C0010
	governor No. 1,
	- maintenance							E5 C2069
	- test jig							E5 C2068
Meter No. 19/- (SPM), description,
	installation and maintenance					E5 F3220
Metering unit,
	- description							C3 D2000
	- maintenance							E5 D0211
	3A and 3B,
	- description							C3 D2001
	- maintenance							E5 D0213
	 150 and 160 type, maintenance
	adjustments							E6 H5149
	parts								E6 H5504
Mickey Mouse special range telephone,
	maintenance							E5 B2005
Mines									C3 A0187
Ministry of Defence, coaxial cable for					E3 D2361
Monarch 120 SPC PABX,
	maintenance overview						E5 D2151
Motors and dynamotors for telephone
	exchanges, test of 'no volt' release				E6 R0100
Motorway emergency telephones,
	general information						E5 E3240
	maintenance							E5 E3741
Multiphone switchboards,
continuous ringing supply, provision					C3 Q0005
Multiselector, STC crossbar systems,
	parts								E6 H2502
Multiswitch lubrication, STC crossbar system				E6 H2309
	Non-standard facilities, telephone             				C3 A0120
Notices in call-offices and subscribers'
	coinbox installation                           			E5 C0041
Orator Mk 2, teleconference, maintenance				E5 F1001
Order table equipment							E5 F4321
Out of area exchange lines, provision					C3 A0100
	and tesi of customers' installation,
transmission complaints							E13 B2003
	of mechanisms, control by fault
	card A2008							E6 D0020
Pairs changed-over, A1057 procedure				E3 A0617
Panel, ringing, No. 8							E6 G2608
Parts for exchange equipment,
	replenishment and list of Tis					E6 H5501
Parts for PABXs, supply procedure					G3 B251 5
Pay-on-answer coinboxes,
	725b, maintenance at customer
	installations							E5 C2060
	725E, maintenance						E5 C2063
	725, mech 25A maintenance					E5 C2077
	digital timer (TRT 240)						E5 C2070
	governor No. 1,
	- mechanism, maintenance					E5 C2069
	- mechanism, test jig						E5 C2068
	installation							C3 G7003
	introduction, policy						D5 H0023
	mechanism 20D, adjustment					E5 C2074
	mechanism 20D and 24, control and records								E5 C0030
	mechanism 20D and 24, overhaul at
	CCB centres							E5 C2073
	mechanism 24, adjustment					E5 C2075
	on site maintenance						E5 C0704
	tests and adjustments, Tester 272A				E5 C2072
	No. 5E, pay-on-answer working					E5 C2002
	set No. 625 Mk 1 and 2, maintenance				E5 B1103
Planphone 'A' (colour)							C3 C0025
	1, 1 A, 2, 3, 4, 8 and 1 2A transmission standards		C3 C0050
	5, 5A, 7 and 7A, transmission standards				C3 C0051
		105 and 107, installation					C3 C0020
		105, 105A, 107 and 107A,
		transmission standards						C3 C0052
	Plastic insulated wiring on soldering tags				E1 A5002
		Plug and sockets, new plan
		general description						C3 C4050
		instructions for installation staff				C3 C4051
	Police system PA 450,
		description							E5 E3450
		installation							C3 K4504
		Poiychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBS)				P1 C4251
		Power equipment, in customers' premises, definitions and lists	E5 A4001
		in PBXS,
		- customer and PO responsibilities				E5 A4002
		- on site maintenance						E5 A4003
	Power failure alarms, test of, at
		PMBXs and HES							E5 S5512
	Power plant, 22V for loads less than 4 Ah/day,
		maintenance							E5 A4122
		batt unit No. 34, with rect No. 33B, power failure alarm test	E5 S5507
		check of,
		- ammeter accuracy						E12 P5132
		- voltmeter accuracy						E12 P5129
		choice of							C3 Q0040
		danger notice, card A l 26					E12 F0012
		for loads less than 6 Ah per day,
		description							E5 A4142
		for PABXs, loads less than 200 Ah/day
		at 5OV, maintenance						E5 A4162
	Power plant (Contd),
		for PABXs, loads 4-240 Ah/day at 26V				E5 A4152
		for PABXs, loads more than 6 Ah/day
		at 5OV, determination of rectifier and
		battery								C3 Q0061
		for 22-30V PBXS, 4-240 Ah per day,
		installation of rectifiers No. 38				C3 Q0066
		for 5OV PBXS, loads under 40 amps,
		description							E5 A4161
		for 5OV PBXS, using rectifier No. 61,
		mains failure alarm test					E5 S5507
		for small subscribers' installations,				C3 Q0040
		inspection of cabling						E12 P5524
		loads under 4 Ah/day at 22V,
		description							E5 A4121
		no-break, for IBM 3750 PABX, description			E5 A4201
		working from power lead, 12-30V and4-48 Ah/day, maintenance	E5 A4131
	Power units, Nos. 43A, 50A, 51 A, 52A, 53A, 55A, 56A,57A,62A,69A,70A,73A, 77A and 78A,
		description and installation					C3 Q0020
	TL 2529 maintenance							E5 A4029
	Practice telephone sets							C3 A1000
	Premiere call connect system (PMBX 12)					S10 S0006
	Press button recall at PMBXs						E5 Dl115
	Prestel, maintenance procedure,	customers premises			E8 P5001
	Primary batteries at subscribers'  installations			E5 A4013
	Printed wiring boards, maintenance and repair of			E1 A5015
		equipment, installation						C3 M1071
		- No. 6 maintenance						E5 F4202
		- Nos. 6, 7 and 8 description,
		operation and requisitioning					C3 M1070
		Private circuits,
		- d.c. wetting							A8 K0601
		work at customers' premises					C3 P1070
		mobile radio systems, licensing					D5 B0006
		switched networks, fault procedures				E8 K4200
		wires only, use of d.c. path					A8 K1008
	Private Branch Exchanges (PABX, PBX, PMBX),
		accommodation for standard PABXs				C3 F1000
		IBM 1750, maintenance procedure					E5 D2771
		IBM 3750, SPC, description and facilities			B4 F2131
		ITT Pentomat,
		- 200 crossbar							B4 F2121
		- 200 description						E5 D2571
		- 200 maintenance						E5 D2572
		ITT Pentomat P 1000 CT,
		- description							E5 D2581
		- maintenance							E5 D2582
		- quality of service cabinets					E5 D2583
		miscellaneous items to be provided				A6 C3001
		No. 1, description						C3 F1010
		No. 1 and 2,
		- installation							C3 F1016
		- installation planning						C3 F1015
		- modification for blind operators				E5 D2125
		No. 1, 2 and 3, tone and pulse
		relay-set overhaul						E6 R5837
		No. 1 to 7, general information					E5 D2010
		No. 3,
		- description							E5 D2203
		No. 3 and 4, replacements in guarantee				E5 D2212
		No. 4, pre-standard, maintenance				E5 D2214
		No. 4, 5 and 6, transmission and
		signalling limits						C3 F0402
	No. 5,
		- description							E5 D2140
		- installation							C3 F1052
		- installation of SSAC 13					C3 F1053
	No. 6, 
		- description							E5 D2142
		- installation							C3 F1062
		- installation planning						C3 F1061
		- principles of operation					E5 D2143
	No. 7,
		- description							C3 F1070
	GEC SL1 LE, maintenance							E5 D2827
		organisation of maintenance staff				E1 D2015
	Pentomat, magnetic counter adjustment					E6 H2307
	Pentomat system, quintuple relay adjustment				E6 H2304
	Phillips EBX 800, maintenance procedures				E5 D2680
	Plessey 480/S, description						E5 D2526
	Plessey 5005, spare parts and tools					E5 D2524
	Plessey PB 480/2 and 2A,
		- description							E5 D2521
		- maintenance							E5 D2522
	Plessey PB 1000 and PB 800,
		maintenance							E5 D2532
	Plessey PDX 800, maintenance						E5 D2547
	Proprietary types, general maintenance					E5 D2510
	Pye & TMC,
		- UH 200, description						E5 D2671
		- UH 200 and 900, maintenance					E5 D2672
	UH 200 and 900, parts and tools						E5 D2674
		- UH 900, description						E5 D2676
		record card							E5 S5440
		recovery procedure						C3 F2001
	SPC, field support units, organisation					El D2028
		special maintenance information					E5 D0101
		standard, general maintenance					E5 D2011
		supervisory tone levels						E5 D2013
		- Nos. 1, 2 and SA 8100, description				C3 F1013
		- No. 2, description						C3 F1014
		- No. 5, description						C3 F1050
		- No. 6, description						C3 F1060
		- No. 7, description and facilities				C3 F1070
		- No. 7, installation of SSAC 13				C3 F1073
		- SA 8133							C3 F1012
		- power plant for subs installations, provision			C3 G0010
	Thorn-Ericsson AKD 791,
		- codeswitch							B4 F2102
		- description							E5 D2626
		- maintenance							E5 D2627
	Thorn-Ericsson ARD 561,
		- crossbar PABX							B4 F2101
		- description							E5 D2621
	Thorn-Ericsson ARD 561/7, maintenance					E5 D2622
	Thorn-Ericsson, parts and tools						E5  D2624
	Unimat 4080 SPC, maintenance						E5 D2590
		accommodation standards						C3 D1000
		diagram folders for						C3 D0010
		furniture for							H16 Z0060
		3/5b frames mounting No. 2a					C3 E4035
		11/1A								C3 E5030
		accommodation for cord type
		installations							C3 E1000
		clearing facilities on generator
		signalling circuits						C3 E0403
		continuous ringing supply, provision				C3 Q0005
		- signalling methods						C3 E0401
		- terminations							C3 E0402
		maintenance, general						E5 D1011
		- 1A, description						C3 E4090
		- 4/1A, switchboard      maintenance				E5 D1401
		- 4/1A, switchboard      parts					E5 D1402
		- 11, maintenance						E5 Dl411
		- 12, description, maintenance
		procedure							E5 D1414
		- 12, maintenance						E5 D1415
		- 12, piece parts						E5 D1416
		press button recall						E5 D1115
		standard switchboard facilities					C3 E0050
		switchboards, arrangements for blind
		operators							C3 E0311
	Regent CCS, description/maintenance					E5 D2160
	Private circuits, speechband,
		point to point, faulting					E8 K0011
	Privately, owned telephone instruments					B4 B0060
		purchased PABXS, summary of facilities				B4 F2002
	Protection of,
		external lines at PBXs						A2 E0504
		telecommunications circuits from rise
		of earth potention at electricity
		generating and transmission stations				A2 E0121
	Protective devices, external lines					A2 E0501
	Protectors, hand							E1 G7495
	Provision of service policy, liberalisation				B3 A0151
	Public call office service
		contents							D5 H0001
		provision, recovery etc, authorisation				D5 H0011
	Push button trimphone, maintenance					E5 B2832

	Railways near airfields, safety signalling				A8 A1005
	RAT system PABX, relay adjustments					E5  D2502
	Receiver watch 8T description,
		installation and maintenance					E5 B5338
	Recording devices, connexion to PO lines				C3 L3101
	Rectifier output, check constant
		potential rectifiers						El2 P5204
	Nos. 78A and 78B, installations and
		maintenance							El2 E0078
	No. 128,
		- and battery to PBXs						El2 E0128
		- fusing of control circuit					E5 A4163
	No. 140 and battery for PBX						El2 E0140
	No. 154, description, operation and
		maintenance							E12 E0154
	Record cards and filing, PBXs						E6 El021
	Records, PABX record card						E5 S5440
		adjustment data, pre-3000 type					E6 H5098
		and mechanically operated spring set
		contacts, cleaning and renovation				E6 H0023
		current tester AT 4557						E6 D8610
		- adjustment							E6 H5161
		- parts								E6 H5505
		- adjustments							E6 H5154
		- parts								E6 H5506
		- adjustments                        				E6 H5144/E6 H5145
		- parts								E6 H5507
		flat type, replacement						E6 H5514
		high-speed types,
		j,401 and 3/402, adjustments					E6 H5173
		3/401 and 3/402, parts						E6 H5512
		3/41 1 and 3/412, adjustments					E6 H5178
		3/41 1 and 3/41 2, parts					E6 H5610
		34 CRE 1 1001 AAA-ACM for
		STC crossbar systems inspection					E6 R2303
		high-voltage, 3/8 adjustments					E6 H5180
		- AT/E Co type, adjustments					E6 H5116
		- parts								E6 H5510
		HD, 25OV, No. 3/.......adjustments				E6 H5182
		inspection							E6 R5701
		polarised, types 2B/, 3B/ and 4B/.......maintenance		E6 H5174
		RAT Co, parts							E6 H5518
		red label, adjustment cards					E6 H5099
		shunt-field, horizontal type,
		- system E, parts						E6 H5521
		- system W, parts						E6 H5520
		system C,
		- adjustment							E6 H5104
		- parts								E6 H5515
		- 3000-type, adjustments					E6 H5153
		type 10,
		- maintenance							E6 H5154
		- parts								E6 H5528
		type 17, maintenance						E6 H5187
		type 19, maintenance						E6 H5189
		type 23								E6 H0056
		type 31 H,
		- AT&E Co, replacements						E6 H5516
		- system H, adjustments						E6 H5181
		- system W, adjustment						E6 H514
		- type, replacement						E6 H5514
		vibratory, system E, parts					E6 H5526
	Relay-switches, 3000-type, adjustments					E6 H5152
	Remote control of firemen's call out system 'AA'			C3 J1081
		indicating equipment (Datafonic)				C3 L3130
		supervision and control equipment
		(Wesdial)							C3 L3132
	Repayment works classification, estimates and quotations		L5 D0013
		hypothetical estimates						L5 D0014
	Resistor, liquid No. 1, description and use				El2 C6021
	Ringing and pulsing machines,
		- adjustment of spring-sets					E6 G2010
		- procedure for overhaul					E6 G2004
		equipment, rack mounted, 2000-type,
		test of changeover						E6 R0107
		- early types, spring-set adjustment				E6 G2010
		- grease filled gearboxes					E6 R0101
		- machine Nos. 2-5, 12A, 1 2B, 1 5A,
		15B, 21 A, 22A and 23A,
		examination of spring sets					E6 R0401
		- spring-set replacement					E6 G2611
		- test of changeover equipment					E6 R0103
		- test of tone signals						E6 R0102
		pulsing and VF machines, inspection				E6 R0400
	Rise of earth potential, power stations etc, line isolating equipment	A2 E0122
	Routine control,
		- organisation							E13 B0022
		- procedure, PABX						E6 R5002
		schedules and instructions, numbering				E5 S0000
		schedules, subs lines						E3 U5022
		weeks								E1 F0012
	Routines, PABXS, general						E5 S5004
	Royal Observer Corps communications network				E8 K4704
		- batteries dry No. 27						E8 K4704
		- description							E8 K4702
		- safety, underground structures				E8 K4701
		low voltage d.c. power supplies          	 		M4 E2000
		precautions in ROC underground structures			E8 K4701
	Schedule of maintenance routines,
	Regent SPC, CCS								E5 S5096
	Schedules of routines,
		apparatus at customers' premises				E5 S5013
		battery unit N634 and rectifier 33B				E5 S5056
		carrier system WB 400 and signalling system WB 600		E9 X6040
		GEC Rex 80/80E PABX						E5 S5040
		GEC SL-ILE PABX							E5 S5086
		IBM 1750 PABX							E5 S5082
		IBM 3750 PABX							E5 S5083
		Monarch 120 CCS							E5 S5095
		motorway telephones						E5 S5021
		PABX power plant, 5OV						E5 S5060
		PABXs 1 and 2							E5 S5015
		PABX 3								E5 S5016
		PABX 4								E5 S5018
		PABX 5								E5 S1019
		PABX 6								E5 S5020
		PABX 7								E5 S5027
		- 4761 PCATX							E5 S5033
		- P200 PABX							E5 S5030
		- Pl 000 CT PABX						E5 S5031
		- Pl 000 T2 PABX						E5 S5032
		- EBX 8000 PABX							E5 S5081
		- UH 200/900 PABX						E5 S5037
		- EPB 2000 PABX							E5 S5041
		- PB 480/2 and /2A PABX						E5 S5038
		- PB 1000/8000 PABX						E5 S5039
		- PDX 800, PDX 350T PCATX PMBXs					E5 S5087
		PMBXs								E5 S5012
		power unit TL 2529 with rectifier public call offices		E5 S5056
		public call offices						E5 S5011
		ringing equipment						E6 R0026
		subscribers' lines						E3 U5022
		- ACD system, ASDP 162 PABX					E5 S5085
		- AKD 791/2/3 PABX						E5 S5035
		- AKM 302/3 PCATX						E5 S5036
		- AND 790 number group, PABX					E5 S5084
		- ARD 561/2 PABX						E5 S5034
		TXK 3 and Crossbar PABXs					E6 R2010
		Unimat 4080, SPC, PABX						E5 S5080
		VF remote control system A					E5 S5022
	Schools and colleges, provision of telephone equip for ed purposes	B6 B0002
	Sealing, ducts and conduits						A2 F0452
	Secondary cells, topping up, water, general principles			E12 C6008
		procedure and arrangements 					E12 C6007
	Secraphone, proprietary privacy set					C3 L3150
	Section switch BECB multiple, No. 9, details				E5 D1320
	Selectors (two-motion) 2000-type,	
		- adjustments							E6 H5156
		- overhaul							E6 R5151
		- parts								E6 H5508
		- adjustments							E6 H5184
		- parts								E6 H5640
		and Motor Uniselectors, bank cleaning				E6 R5117
		 and relay-set covers, cleaning					E6 R5131
		free indicator, tester 193A					E6 D8665
		pre-2000 system S, overhaul 					E6 R5168
		supervisory and PG alarms, test					E6 R5304
		- C, adjustment							E6 H5103
		- C, parts							E6 H5631
		- E, adjustments						E6 H5134
		- E, parts							E6 H5630
		- H, adjustments						E6 H5114
		- H, parts							E6 H5635
		- W, adjustments						E6 H5130
		- W, parts							E6 H5633
		systems C, H, E and W, overhaul					E6 R5167
		wipers and cords, examination and overhaul			E6 R5116
	Selling by maintenance staff						E5 A0023
	Semi-conductor devices and installation of new equipment		A1 A2224
	Sender No. 1 for disabled users						C3 M0026
	Service policy,
		intercommunication						D5 B0007
		interconnection of pw’s to the public networks			D5 B0008
		joint use							D5 E0015
	Shared service,
		extension plans, check for wiring reversals			E5 B1003
		lines, acceptance testing					E13 B0025
	Signalling limits, direct exchange lines, DELs				A2 C4052
	Signalling system
	AC 13 (SSAC 13),							C3 P5000
		setting up circuits at PBXs					C3 P5001
		- description							C3 P5010
		- installation using signalling unit 44a			C3 P5011
	AC l 5-A, description and maintenance					E5 J0015
	CCITT R2 operating conventions utilisation of outband channel
		translating equipment						F2 F0101
	WB 400, 600, 700 description						E9 E2080
	WB 600,
		- maintenance procedure						E9 E2091
		- setting up and lining up at CCPs				E9 E2154
		- test equipment						E9 E2093
	WB 1400 and receiver carrier WB 608A					E9 E2160
	Siren points, receiver carrier WB No. 600A
		functional tests						E9 X6198
	Soldering of wires to tags						E1 A5001
	Speaker set,
		No. 1 maintenance						E5 F1007
		No. 2 maintenance						E5 F1008
	Special, maintenance information
		- call offices							E5 C0101
		- customers' apparatus						E5 A0101
		- PABXs								E5 D0101
		- relays							E6 H0112
		- wipers and banks						E6 H0113
		overhauls (A1053 procedure),
		- customers' apparatus						E5 A1053
		- general							E13 A1053
		- private circuits						E8 K1053
		range telephones maintenance					E5 B2001
		crossbar exchanges, tools for					E6 C8820
		crossbar systems,
		- adjustment of round and oval relays				E6 H2302
		- and Pentomat PABXS, adjustment of
		relay, high speed, 34 C RE 1 1 02, AAA-ACM			E6 H2303
		- cleaning and renovation of contracts
		on BXB relays and mechanically operated spring sets		E6 H2310
		- inspection of quintuple type relays				E6 R2304
		- inspection of relays, high speed 34 CRE 11002 AAA-ACM		E6 R2303
		- inspection of round and oval relays				E6 R2302
		- inspection of the multiple relay				E6 R2305
		- lubrication of the multiswitch				E6 H2309
		- replacement of worn contacts on round and oval relays		E6 H2311
	Stock forms, list of							D5 H0029
	Storage coinboxes and mechanisms					E5 C2065
	Stored program control (SPC) PBXs
		- field support unit						E1 D2020
		- site log, unit repair form A5846				E5 D0011
		apparatus and line tester (SALT),				E6 D8141
		- faultsman's procedure	E5 G1030
		apparatus maintenance, direction of effort			E5 A0011
		Carrier system WB 900 (subs 1 + 1)				S10 S0009
		- description							A2 C1009
		- exchange maintenance OCB TDS					E9 E2712
		- RSC procedure							E9 E2790
		- subs apparatus maintenance					E9 E2710
		coinbox installations						C3 G1050
		- meter (SPM) description, installation and maintenance		E5 F3220
		- metering methods at PMBXs					C3 E5001
	Switch unit RP 3342 for transmission measuring equipment		E5 G1077
		check of dials							E6 R6524
		cleaning and inspection						E6 R6520
		AT 3796, description and operation				E5 D1330
		CB 873, description and operation				E5 D1340
		N1070, description						E5 D1335
		PABX 1, SA 8120 description					E5 D2113
		PABX 1, SA 81 33 description					E5 D2114
		PMBX 2/2A, 2/3A, 2/4A, maintenance				E5 D1351
		PMBX 2/2A,     and 2/2B, installation				C3 E4001
		PMBX 2/3A,   description and installation			C3 E4002
		PMBX 2/4A,   description and installation			C3 E4003
		PMBX 11/1 A, description and installation			C3 E5030
	Systems analyser (Automatic Switching Ltd)           			C3 L3200
	Tape call maker (autodial No. 201A),
		maintenance							E5 F3212
	Telecom Instructions,
		alphanumeric list, sub division E5				E5 A0001
		authors guide, Planning & Works and
	Maintenance								A1 A0004
		list of contents, D5 H section					D5 H0003
		section E6 R, routines, numbering				E6 R0000
		- El subdivision						E1 A0000
		- E5 subdivision						E5 A0000
		- E6 subdivision						E6 A0000
		- E9 subdivision						E9 A0000
		- El2 subdivision						El2 A0000
		structure changes,
		- A division							Al A0009
		- E division							El A0009
	Telemetering equipment,
	Parkinson-Cowan telytone						C3 L3141
		verbal (Parkinson-Cowan)					C3 L3140
	Telephone exchanges, inspection of racks, floor, walls, steps etc	E6 R5717
	Telephone trimphone 2/722						C3 B1015
		1/SA 4275 maintenance						E5 B2801
		1/SA 10186 and 2/SA 10186					C3 B3030
		2/SA 4271-1, maintenance					E5 B2771
		1/766, push button trimphone					C3 B3025
		- maintenance							E5 B2832
		1/768, maintenance						E5 B2828
		145 maintenance							E5 B2145
		200 type, maintenance						E5 B2201
		200 and 300 type description					C3 B0050
		280								E6 H0910
		300 type, maintenance						E5 B2301
		702 and bell No. 69B, maintenance				E5 B2702
		703 and 723, maintenance					E5 B2703
		- description							C3 B1001
		- handset weight						C3 B1005
		- installation							C3 B1000
		- maintenance							E5 B2706
		706R								C3 B1035
		- description							C3 B1003
		- for subs with weak voices,
		maintenance							E5 B2657
		- installation							C3 B1000
		- maintenance							E5 B2706
		711 - installation                   				C3 B1000/C3 B1004
		- maintenance							E5 B2741
		- and Bell set 48/50B maintenance				E5 B2658
		- installation							C3 B1010
		- description							C3 B1005
		- maintenance							E5 B2722
		726 and SA 10023, maintenance					E5 B2822
		740 and 746							C3 B1020
		741 and 711, maintenance					E5 B2741
		741, description						C3 B1025
		745 (Weatherphone), maintenance					E5 B2745
		746, maintenance						E5 B2746
		746R								C3 B1035
		74-, kit 185A, gravity switch guard				E5 B2747
		-/764, self contained telephones				E5 B2830
		765, wall mounted push button telephone				C3 B3029
		766,								C3 B1051
		768								C3 B3028
		772, Xpress callmaker,
		- description							C3 B3027
		- maintenance							E5 B2760
		776, compact telephone, maintenance				E5 B2776
		SA 4271 -1 'The New Telephone',
		maintenance							E5 B2710
		SA 4274, maintenance						E5 B2800
		cords, metrication and rationalisation				G3 B2528
		in lifts							E5 A7021
		instruments, privately owned					B4 B0060
		keyphones for PABXS,
		- with DC code 'C' signalling					C3 B3000
		- with MF (SSMF 4) signalling					C3 B3010
		keyphones self contained 1/764					C3 B3022
		special range booklet						S10 S0005

	Teletrolley service							C3 G0060
	Teleprinter, monitor and test at DTN stations				E7 A5011
	Telespot, maintenance							E5 F4015
	Temporary transfer and reference of calls				D5 10031
	Test and readjust values						E6 H5100
	Test desks (pre 46 type), description and facilities			E6 D8115
		AT 4557, relay current						E6 D8610
		for automatic exchange maintenance,
		inspection and overhaul						E6 R5504
		SA 9083								E5 G1039
		SA 9083 Mark 4 and later					E5 G1040
		SA 10034 for POA CCB mechanisms					E5 C2071
		Strowger PABXs							E6 R5009
		TRT 61 for coin-pulse sender					E5 G1518
		TRT 78 for check of timing testers				E6 D8651
	Timing tester,
		tester AT 4750							E6 D8613
		tester TRT 63							E6 D8650
	Tone and pulse relay sets, overhaul					E6 D1010
	Tone levels,
		check								E6 R0108
		measurement							E6 G2600
	Tools, for PABX maintenance						E6 A8800
		for subs apparatus maintenance					E5 G0011
	Trailer, kiosk No. 1 , data sheet					J3 B0011
	Training in telephony at the British Telecom Technical College		M6 E1015
	Transformers No. 431 A and 431 B					C3 B2141
		and signalling limits, DELs					A2 C4052
		complaints,							E13 B2003
		- overhaul of subscribers' apparatus				E5 A0012
		- repair service control procedure				E13 B2001
		- use of 700-type teles						E13 B2010
	Trespass and damage to property						A1 A0101
	Trimphone telephone 2/722						C3 B1015
	TV outside broadcast vans, telephone facilities				C3 A0160
	Twin-relay unit, Ericssons,
		maintenance							E6 H5142
		parts								E6 H5532
		TXK3 and 4,
		component identification, electronic
		components and miscellaneous items				E6 H2503
		exchanges, multiswitch and multiple relay contacts, cleaning	E6 H2301
		multiswitch spacer shims for sticking vertical armatures	E6 H2320
		systems, contact replacement (round and oval relays)		E6 H2311

	Unimat 4080 SPC PABX, maintenance					E5 D2590
	Uniselector, and preselector mechanisms, overhaul			E6 R5204
		heavy-duty - Manchester type, system H,
		adjustments							E6 H5107
		system H, adjustments						E6 H5106
		- Manchester type, system H adjustments				E6 H5109
		- non-rocker type, system H adjustments				E6 H5110
		- system H, adjustments						E6 H5108
		motor-drive, No. 2 
		- adjustments							E6 H5172
		- overhaul							E6 R5220
		- parts								E6 H5617
		system E, adjustments						E6 H5133
		system W, adjustments						E6 H5128
		type 1,
		- and GEC, overhaul						E6 R5211
		- and system C, adjustments					E6 H5101
		- 3-5 level, parts						E6 H5502
		- 6-1 0 level, parts						E6 H5503
		type 2,
		- adjustment							E6 H5170
		- overhaul							E6 R5212
		- parts								E6 H5615
		type 3,
		- adjustment							E6 H5171
		- overhaul							E6 R5213
		type 4,
		- adjustment							E6 H5111
		- overhaul							E6 R5210
	Uniselectors and banks,
		system C, parts							E6 H5602
		system E, parts							E6 H5603
		system H, parts							E6 H5604
		system W, parts							E6 H5608
		amplifying 23D							E5 F3311
		auxiliary apparatus N985, description				C3 E0410
		auxiliary apparatus N990, on PMBXs				E5 D1210
	Vacuum cleaners and floor polishers maintenance				E1 G8400
	Vibrators 2000 type, parts						E6 H5527
		ringing and tone, UAXs 12 and 13, adjustments			E6 H5155
	Voice frequency generators and ringing machines, cheek of gearbox oil	E6 R0150
	WB 1400 Carrier system installation of equipment at a
		carrier control point						C3 Jl171
		installation of WB 1400 equipment				C3 Jl170
	Water level indicators (Gents Ltd and Kent Ltd)				E5 F2306
	Wiper cords,								E6 H5301
		fitting and terminating
		pre-2000 type, identification					E6 H5629
	Wipers and wiper cords, examination					E6 R5116
		and disposal, customers' apparatus,
		general								G3 B5008
		pay-on-answer coinboxes						G3 B5006
		PMBX								G3 B5010
		prepayment call office equipment				G3 B5007
		- 700 type							G3 B5011
		- bell sets, plan sets						G3 B5005
	Wiring and cabling, electricity generating stations			A2 E0123
		high grade circuits, precautions to prevent interruptions	C3 R2025
		staples, cleats and accessories,
		description							C3 R1001
		types of cable available					C3 R0011
	Work units for PBX power plant						El E1018
	XL callmaker, autodial 104A and 105A,
		maintenance                                    			E5 F3215
	Xpress callmaker, telephone 772,
		maintenance                                    			E5 B2760
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