TMC produced this compact telephone for Telephone Rentals and probably other suppliers. This telephones has two capacitors (in the same casing) an induction coil and bell on the base plate.  In the body of the phone is a 6 way terminal block and unlike Ericsson and GEC compacts, is the only terminal block within the phone.

The base plate accommodates the capacitor, the bell ringer, bell gongs (barrel shaped) and induction coil.  The base plate also has oblong slots covered with mesh, which stop insects and foreign objects entering the telephone.

The case is straight edged at the bottom and has two cable entry holes on the rear, which have ebonite grommets.

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Diagram S52597

How to convert this telephone to the UK PST System

Using a standard UK line cord:-

  1. Remove and discard the old line cord.

  2. Feed the new line cord through the casing entry hole and tie it or knot it to the metal loop inside the phone.

  3. White wire of new line cord to terminal 4.

  4. A 3.3k resistor fitted between 4 & 5.

  5. Red wire of new line cord to terminal 6.

  6. Green wire of new line cord - spare - insulate.

  7. Disconnect the green wire on 2uf capacitor and connect this to the Blue wire of the new line cord (insulate with tape).

  8. Check transmission and replace transmitter if bad and always fit a Rectifier element across the receiver on terminals 1 & 2.  Click here for more information.

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Last revised: August 04, 2021