All-Weather Telephone

Catalogue No. T110

The requirement for a weatherproof automatic instrument is satisfied by this telephone. Following closely the technical performance of the 1746 series (Cat. No. T101) the all-weather telephone is for use on automatic exchange systems. High quality transmission performance and optimum working over 1000 ohm subscribers lines is combined with a robust and compact design.

The case and door are cast in corrosion - resistant aluminium alloy which combines lightness with strength.

Wall mounting is effected by mounting the base plate and terminating external wiring before the body is attached.

The door incorporates a raised silhouette of a handset and it is retained by a plunger-controlled lock which has a simple release mechanism. A neoprene rubber gasket fitted to a recess ensures exclusion of moisture and dust when the door is closed.

The finish of both the interior and exterior is hammer finish light grey stoved enamel.

Dimensions/Weight (unpacked)
Height - 310mm
Width - 146mm
Depth - 168mm
Weight - 4.8kg

Pye TMC Stock Number 538844.

Technical Data

Cast aluminium alloy.  Body webbed to form an internal shelf which houses the dial and handset when the body is mounted to the base it compresses a neoprene strip which effects a weatherproof joint.

A door of cast aluminium, with a raised silhouette of a handset, is fixed to the body with brass hinges and is sealed with a neoprene strip when closed.

Cable entry
2 brass bushes are attached to the bottom of the base; these are threaded to take un conduit or watertight packing gland.

The handset is fitted with a temperature-resistant coiled cord, and is moulded in ABS. It is held in position by a stainless steel 'rest' at the receiver end and a phosphor bronze clip at the bottom.

Cradle switch
Sealed microswitch.

The ringer is a double coil type with 1,000 ohm d.c. resistance. It will accept ringing currents between 16 and 30hz.  Stainless steel (101 mm dia.) gongs are mounted on the underside of the base so that ringing is clearly heard.

Articulated-trigger type with self-compensating action. Projects through self-centreing ring on case. Characters printed black on silver background beneath stainless steel finger plate.
Speed - 10 pps nominal.
Interdigit pause - 240 mS minimum
Break-to-make ratio - 2: 1.

Carbon granule replaceable capsule type.  The change in sensitivity over the input range 3-30 dynes per sq, cm. is less than 5db at a given frequency in the range 300-3,400Hz.

Rocking armature, replaceable capsule type.  The receiver has a mean sensitivity of +46 2dB relative to 1 dyne per sq. cm. per VmW of available power when tested with an artificial ear.

Taken from Publicity Leaflet A.A.8.74.3M (dated 1974)


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Last revised: February 04, 2019