The TX14 or Superset 4 Featurephone is made by Mitel and can is connected to the SX range of Mitel Telephone Systems. At present the TX14 is fitted with a 'K' type handset, the receiver being fitted with a magnetic transducer. Be sure to check the handset has not attracted any small metallic objects before it is used.

TX14 is the UK BT provided version and was trailed in the Ipswich and London City areas in late 1983.

It is a microprocessor controlled featurephone which is connected to a special extension interface on the host PABX. It allows use of the full range of system facilities via keys, hence eliminating the need to remember feature codes.

In addition, the TX14/Superset 4 offers messaging between sets, loud speaking telephone working, ringer pitch and volume controls, on hook dialling manager/secretary working and dedicated hold key. Conversation, data and power are fed over a single pair of wires from a special superset card.

The systems to which TX14/Superset 4 featurephones may be connected are SX200, Regent/SX200, TSX 50/SX 50, Kinsman/SX20, SX10E and Viceroy/Super 10.

Made by Mitel Telecom Ltd
Severnbridge Industrial Estate, Portskewett, Newport, Gwent. NP6 4YR
Telephone 01291 430000


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Last revised: September 23, 2010