The Ensign TX33 terminal design is based on the Viscount telephone and offers similar facilities to the TX51 terminal with the following additions:-
  1. 14 Variable function press-buttons.
  2. Different Keypad layout.
  3. The P button combines the functions of the P and R buttons on the original terminal, i.e. it is used when storing "named Intercom" and "Repertory Called" numbers, and when connected to a PBX to "RECALL" the PBX operator.
  4. The Monitor amplifier which is provided as standard is automatically cancelled when the handset is lifted after making a hands free call. Also, unlike previous terminals, if the monitor button is pressed with the handset off-hook the call is transferred to the monitor amplifier. Pressing the Monitor button again will transfer the call back to the handset.
  5. It is not possible to fit facility handsets, or provide a headset socket.

Made by STC Limited

The TX33 is no longer part of the UK BT supply portfolio.


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Last revised: September 23, 2010