The TX53 terminal is similar in appearance to the Herald TX51 HS terminal. The only visible difference is the inclusion of a microphone to the right of the front edge. The TX53 terminal offers all the facilities of the TX51 with the following additions:-
  1. The loudspeaker facility is switched on and off by means of a monitor button located at the bottom left of the keypad.
  2. The Monitor/Loudspeaker facility is automatically cancelled when the handset is lifted.
  3. The microphone may be cut off during a hands-free call by means of a MUTE button located at the bottom right of the keypad. A moveable link within the telephone on the circuit board can restore the normal programmable function of this button if required.
  4. The volume of the tone sounder and loudspeaker are continuously variable, unlike existing instruments which have only 3 settings.
  5. The pitch of the tone sounder may be adjusted by removing the telephone base and moving a link on the circuit board to give one of three settings - high, medium or low.
  6. It is not possible to fit facility handsets or provide a headset socket.

Made by Philips TMC Limited.

Approval Number S/1000/GF/l981/PR.
Approved for connection to the Herald system as described in PXML 63.


Telephone 2/SA 20563 TX53 Brown 374731
Telephone 2/SA 20563 TX53 Grey/brown 374732


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Last revised: November 01, 2010