PXML No. 63
Approval Number S/1000/GF/198l/PR

The TX54 Terminal is intended for use as an operators terminal on the Herald B8, C and C plus (B5l02, PENTARA 100/l00E and Pentara + Plus) Phone systems. Not compatible with Herald A and l00B systems).

TX54 terminals use electronic speech circuits in conjunction with specialised handset transducer, therefore it is not possible to fit or use any of the facility handsets currently available. Also the terminal does not have any Power Failure working capability. The instrument incorporates a 16 character LCD display, monitor loudspeaker and a headset jack fitted as standard. Dedicated facility buttons are provided for all standard facilities. The TX54A terminal was introduced that offered greater immunity to radio frequency interference and had a slightly different facility button layout.

Made by Philips TMC Limited.


Telephone TX54 Brown 374733
Telephone TX54 Stone 391286
Telephone TX54A Stone 375256
Telephone TX54A Grey 375531

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Last revised: November 04, 2021