PLANS 105 & 107

PLANS 105 & 107

TO MAKE AN EXCHANGE CALL lift the handset, press the key marked SPK TO EXCH, wait for dialling tone, then dial or wait for the operator to answer.

TO ANSWER AN EXCHANGE CALL lift the handset and press the key marked SPK TO EXCH and answer.

TO EXTEND AN EXCHANGE CALL TO EXTENSION press the key marked SPK EXTN EXCH HELD and ring the extension by pressing one of the long unmarked keys.  When the extension user answers, announce the call and then press the EXTN TO EXCH key.  Do not press this key before the extension answers or the caller may be cut off.  The white light behind the key will glow while the extension user is speaking and will go out when the extension handset is replaced.

TO SPEAK TO EXTENSION WHILE MAIN OR EXTENSION ENGAGED ON AN EXCHANGE CALL press the SPK EXTN EXCH HELD key, and ring the extension if necessary. The red light behind the key will glow.  To speak on the exchange line again press the SPK TO EXCH key.

TO CONNECT EXCHANGE LINE TO EXTENSION press the EXTN TO EXCH key.  Leave the key down if incoming calls are to be answered at the extension. The extension bell will ring in addition to the main bell (or buzzer).

TO SPEAK TO EXTENSION without calling exchange, restore all keys to normal by pressing the RELEASE key, which does not stay down.  Ring the extension if necessary. 

An external extension user, when calling the main, must  press the button on his telephone before lifting the handset.

Make sure that the mains electricity is switched on.

A3205 (4/75)

Last revised: July 01, 2003