GPO Vehicles

Make Coles
Type Petrol - Electric Crane
GPO Designation Cranes, Self Mobile, Petro-electric (Coles)
Use Mobile Crane
Registration Number KYT 516
Fleet Number  
Date of picture 1950


For handling bulky or heavy stores within a restricted radius.

General description
The crane chassis is mounted upon four pneumatically-tyred road wheels.

The prime-mover is a petrol engine developing 47h.p. at 1800 r.p.m. which drives an alternator supplying power to electric motors. All four movements (hoisting, slewing, derricking and travelling) are independently electrically operated. All controls are operated from the cab and automatic overload prevention features are provided. The maximum loads which can be lifted are of the order of 3 tons but these and the outreach can be varied according to the type and length of jib fitted. The crane is fitted with steel lifting ropes and stabilizing jacks.

Length 13ft., width 7ft. 6in., height 11ft. 3in. with jib horizontal.

12-16 tons according to lifting capacity.

Travelling speed
6 m.p.h. (unladen).

Capital cost

The crane can be licensed for road travel but due to its slow travelling speed it is unsuitable for operating at a number of sites which are remote from each other.




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Last revised: May 06, 2023