GPO Vehicles

Make Morris
Model FG K100
Type 4 ton Stores Carrying Vehicle Type 2 (Morris)
Body Builder  
Use Diesel Stores Carrier
Registration Number ALB 291B
Fleet Number Ranges 19156 to 19200 (ALB 291C - 335C) 1964
200390 to 200404 (ELP 143C - 156C) 1965
200899 to 200923 (JLO 175D - 199D) 1966
Date of picture October 1964

General description and facilities
This vehicle supersedes the Type 1 version.  It has a forward control type cab with seats for one passenger and a driver and an open type body with drop sides and tail-board.  A Crane, Truck, 1 ton (see B 3850) is mounted on a raised platform immediately behind the cab.  The crane has a boom-mounted winch with 80 ft. of rope and will lift 22 cwt. at 7 ft. 6 in. radius or 11.5 cwt. at 13 ft. 3 in. radius.  The open body has a fixed forward pole bolster and a removable rear pole bolster with guides, for the transport of poles up to 45 ft. in length (medium size) which are within the upper limit of the crane.  A cable drum spindle and spreader are provided, to enable cable drums up to 1 ton in weight to be lifted directly by the crane and cable drums up to 3 tons in weight to be winch loaded, using the skid-boards supplied with the vehicle.  This vehicle is intended for use where pole loading and carrying facilities are required and where it is necessary to transport heavy external stores items.


A Morris FGK80 4 ton Stores Lorry fitted a six cylinder diesel engine and a TICO hydraulic crane.  These Tico cranes were a simplified version of the Hiab hydraulic lorry loader and were purchased for use when loads only needed to be moved close to the vehicle sides and not lifted into areas of difficult access.  The rear indicators look very vulnerable to damage being placed high up on the tailboard mountings.

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Last revised: February 03, 2021