GPO Vehicles

Make Morris
Model FG K80
Type 50 cwt Stores Carrying Vehicle Type 1 (Morris)
Body Builder Marshall / Metroplitan-Scammell / MH Coachworks
Use Diesel
Registration Number 915 EXU
Fleet Number 18741 to 18747 (915 - 921 EXU) 1963
19122 to 19141 (ALB 203B - 222B) 1964
19314 to 19349 (ALC 853B - 880B) 1964
19540 to 19575 (GPO 843C - 878C) 1965
201083 to 201107 (JLO 596D - 620D) 1966
Date of picture August 1963

General description and facilities
This vehicle has a forward control cab and is equipped with seats for one passenger and a driver.  A Crane, Truck, 1 ton (see B 3850) with a boom mounted winch having 80 ft. of rope, is mounted immediately behind the cab.  The crane has a maximum lift of 22.5 cwt. at a radius of 7 ft. 6 in. or a maximum lift of 11 cwt. at a radius of 13 ft. 3 in.  Bolster bars and guides are provided for transport of poles up to 45 ft. in length (medium) and a cable drum spindle and spreader are provided to enable 1 ton drums to be lifted directly by the crane or 2 ton drums to be winch loaded in conjunction with the vehicle skid-boards.  This vehicle is intended for use where it is necessary to carry heavy external stores items or where facilities are required for the mechanical handling of poles.   The pole carrying capacity of the vehicle is limited by the presence of the crane tower and boom.


This Stores truck is a Morris FG K80 2 ton capacity sided model.  Fitted with a Tico hydraulic crane and bolsters it would be used for delivery of equipment to works site and was fitted with front and rear bolsters to enable it to carry telegraph poles.  Although dating from 1963, it was still only fitted with semaphore turn indicators, rather than flashing indicators which were becoming far more common in those days.

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Last revised: November 06, 2022