GPO Vehicles

Make British Leyland
Model Terrier 850
Type Platform Elevating No. 4
Body Builder With Liftec Hydraulic Platform
Use Platform Elevating
Registration Number  
Fleet Number  
Date of picture 1977

Platform Elevating No. 4
Taken from External Plant News - No. 44 June 1977

The Platform Elevating No 4 has been designed for overhead maintenance work, the inspection of aerial cables and can be used as a replacement for the Platform Elevating No 2. Where the erection of aerial cable has to be undertaken a Platform Elevating No 3 should be used.

The Platform Elevating No 4 has a 35ft working height and the bucket which can accommodate two men, has a safe weight load (SWL) of 400 lb. The movements of the platform are hydraulically controlled by levers both at deck level and in the bucket. A 110 volt electric socket outlet is provided in the bucket together with stop/start controls for the vehicle engine and there is a two-way intercom unit with override switch between the bucket and the cab.

A workshop cab is provided for the storage of tools and stores and has a small area for welfare. The vehicle engine hydraulically drives a (100v 2.5KVA) generator to provide power to the socket outlets on the vehicle. The platform is mounted on a BLMC Terrier 850 chassis and is fitted with a torsion bar suspension. The torsion bar gives extra stability to the vehicle and allows the use of the platform whilst the vehicle is in motion, this use is restricted to a speed of up to 5 mph whilst the platform is elevated and in line with the direction of travel. A warning system is fitted in the cab to indicate PTO engaged/not engaged, and booms correctly stowed. Conversion training will be provided for all fully-trained platform operators by the Regional Training School college staff at Bletchley.


Interior - View of workshop cab showing welfare shelf complete with 110 Volt socket outlet

The panel comprises the intercom with override switch, stop/start controls and a 110 Volt socket outlet

Torsion bar shown mounted through main chassis

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