GPO Vehicles

Make Land Rover
Model 88" Short Wheel Base Station Wagon Series II (Safari)
Type Land Rover Station Wagon, Type I
Body Builder Petrol
Use With 2000lb bollard winch
Registration Number 47 BLE
Fleet Number Ranges 18026 to 18031 (YLH 93 - 98) 1959 (Bollard)
18075 to 18114 (47 - 86 BLE) 1960 Petrol (Capstan)
18320 to 18335 (9 - 24 CLB) 1961 Petrol (Capstan)
18624 to 18638 (959 - 973 DXV) 1962 Diesel (Capstan)
18724 to 18729 (606 - 611 EXU) 1962 Diesel
18910 to 18954 (601 - 645 GPO) 1963 Petrol
Date of picture 1961

General description and facilities
This vehicle  is a light carrier for personnel. It has a 4 wheel drive facility, towing facilities and a front mounted 2000lb. power capstan mechanically driven from the front of the engine. A petrol engine is fitted to allow close governing of the engine speed on hand throttle when the capstan is in use. Seating is arranged longitudinally for four passengers in the body section with another passenger (or an occasional two) beside the driver; a retractable welfare table is fitted within the body section.
The vehicle is designed as a personnel carrier for cabling gangs where a 4 ton cabling vehicle has cab accommodation for two or three men only, or where towing facilities for a second trailer are necessary. The capstan is intended for light cabling work.



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Last revised: February 03, 2021