GPO Vehicles

Make Land Rover
Model Long Wheel Base, Petrol, Series III
Body Builder  
Use Mobile Generator
Registration Number  
Fleet Number  
Date of picture 1974


Power demand for specially developed jointing techniques and ancillary services is met by a 10 kVA, 110-volt, 50 Hz, single-phase generator, mounted on a long-wheel-base Land Rover and driven by the vehicle engine through a standard gear box power take-off.  The generator is a drip-proof, screen-protected, self-excited and self-regulating type meeting the requirements of BS 2613.

A 30.5m extension lead is accommodated on a live centre reel and feeds a remote switching panel which is lowered into the manhole or jointing pit.  The switching panel incorporates an ammeter, five 15-amp socket outlets and two 40-amp socket outlets.  The 15-amp outlets are individually switched and the 40-amp outlets are of a load-breaking, butt-contact

Guarding against overload is provided by a double-pole circuit breaker fitted on a control box which also houses an ammeter and a voltmeter.  The control box is fitted in the Land Rover adjacent to the generator.

Regulation of generator voltage is such that the voltage does not fall below 110 volts nor rise above 120 volts at any condition of load for power factors within the range unity to 0.8 lag.  The generator is centre-tapped at 55 volts and the centre-point connexion is through a third slip ring which is fully insulated from the generator frame.  The third (earth) pin on all outlets is connected to the 55-volt slip ring.  All generator connexions are isolated from the vehicle.

The vehicle has a 2.6-litre, 6-cylinder petrol engine and a special engine-speed governor is fitted to provide rapid response to changing generator load conditions.  An engine oil cooler is fitted to allow running for long periods with the vehicle stationary and the engine exhaust is mounted vertically to carry exhaust gasses clear of the jointing area.  A hard-top body with side-hinged rear door is fitted and the door is mounted on lift-off hinges so that it can be removed easily if required to erect a tent close to the rear of the vehicle.



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Last revised: February 09, 2022