GPO Vehicles

Make Morris
Model J2

15 cwt Utility Type 2 (Morris)

Body Builder Diesel and Petrol
Use Utility
Registration Number 63 FYM
Fleet Number Ranges U82561 (YXF 46) 1960 - Prototype
U88313 to U88316 (977 - 980 ELP) 1962
U88317 to U88508 (357 - 548 ELP) 1962
MU95409 to MU95654 (1 - 246 FYM) 1963
MU96788 to MU96857 (930 - 999 GPO) 1963
U97945 to U98124 (386 - 565 GXF) 1963
U98396 to U98595 (ALB 552B - 751B) 1964
U98796 to U98822 (ALC 802B - 828B) 1964
U99843 to U99842 (BLO 1B - 999B) 1964 (Diesel)
U99843 to U99999 (BUV 1B - 157B) 1964 (Diesel)
U106000 to U106162 (BUV 158B - 320B) 1964 (Diesel)
U109903 to U110901 (DLL 1C - 999C) 1965
U110902 to U111252 (DYR 1C - 351C) 1965
U111253 to U111542 (ELH 1C - 709C) 1965
U111543 to U112252 (ELP 1C - 710C) 1965
U112263 to U112528 (EYV 734C - 999C) 1965
U112529 to U112627 (GLE 1C - 99C) 1965
U112628 (GLU 672C) 1965
U112629 to U113312 (GLE 1001C - 784C) 1965
Date of pictures 1964

General description and facilities
This vehicle supersedes the Type 1 version.  It is a commercial forward control van with .both near-side and rear door access to the vehicle body. The vehicle is equipped internally with adjustable aluminium slotted angle racking and has a roof ladder rack mounted on the near-side.  An additional 3 section ladder may be carried on a special shelf on the top of the off-side internal racking.  The vehicle is intended for the use of one or two man parties who require to carry between 5 cwt. and 15 cwt of stores and tools, e.g. installation parties or construction jointers.

On early models (U 88313 to U 96857 inclusive) the provision of mild steel racking limited the pay load to 14 cwt. A temporary third seat may be fitted to a proportion of these vehicles for use by a trainee or an occasional passenger.  Where a third seat is fitted and an additional passenger carried, the pay load must be reduced by 1 cwt. and distributed to give approximately equal wheel loadings.  Vehicles in the range U 109903 to 111252 are fitted with a double passenger seat but this may be removed and converted into a normal single seat if required.  On no account may these vehicles be used for Parties whose regular size exceeds two men.


POEEJ Article - 1961

POEEJ Article - 1964

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