GPO Vehicles

Make Commer
Model 2500 (PB)
Type 15 cwt Utility Vehicle Type 4 (Commer)
Body Builder  
Use General Utility
Registration Number  
Fleet Number  
Date of picture 1970

The Commer 15 cwt utility vehicle was used by an assortment of groups, from Subscriber installation to Fitting and those operations that use a small amount of heavy plant, like Jointers.  The vehicle was basic with three front seats and a side opening door.  Due to the front wheels being further inward than the rear wheels the handling was interesting and this positioning also made changing a front wheel difficult.  On an emergency stop the rear wheels may also lift off the ground if the vehicle was unladen.  Maintenance wise, the front suspension had a habit of seizing up and the bushes were horrible things to remove.  Because of this the GPO mechanics were always greasing these up.

Note the handbrake to the right of the drivers seat, which the Rootes Group standard practice.  The handbrake operated on the front wheels and rumour has it that early vehicles had a habit of sliding downhill when the handbrake was connected to the rear wheels!

The 2500cc engine was adequate for the vehicle, but when the restyled body of the Dodge Spacevan was introduced the engine was changed to a 1750cc unit, which was not quite up to the job, if the vehicle was fully loaded.  On the plus side the Spacevan had a slightly upgraded cab.

Click here for the Jointers version - TI J2 A6201








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