GPO Vehicles

Make Commer
Model PA CM & PA RM 2500
Type 15cwt Utility Type III
Body Builder Petrol and Diesel
Use Utility
Registration Number NYT 208E
Fleet Number U117568 to U117867 (JYY 125D - 424D) 1966 (PARM)
U117868 to U117967 (KVB 572D - 671D) 1966 (PARM)
U230970 (KVB 672D) 1967 (PARM)
U118018 to U118024 (KVB 699D - 705D) 1966 (PARM)
U118025 to U118067 (KVB 957D - 999D) 1966 (PARM)
U118068 to U118167 (PMG 92E - 191E) 1967 (PARM)
U232809 to 232984 (PMG 192E - 367E) 1967 (PACM)
U232985 to U233983 (NYT 1E - 999E) 1967 (PACM)
Date of picture April 1967

This van started life in 1960 as the Commer 1500 FC.  It had a 1500cc engine.

Commer Series One vans had two, later three, chrome strips between the headlamps and a red Commer badge above that along with a grille for the heater and fresh air inlet.

The Series Two arrived in 1961, a single year after the Series One. The engine grew to 1.6 litres and the grille was changed to improve cooling capacity. A simple mesh grille was fitted behind the chrome strips.

The Series Two A arrived in mid-1963, with the name Commer picked out in letters rather than being in a badge. It also had a new grille, placed just above the bumper, made of three chrome strips. The number plate moved up the front panel to go between the headlamps.  The range was extended in September 1965 and the engine was upgraded to the newly announced 1.7 litre Rootes unit, producing 58 bhp.  The new model had a lozenge shaped grille which improved air flow for the larger engines, and had proper indicator lamps below the sidelamps. The range was renamed the PA 1500/2500 series.

In August 1967, the range was renamed the PB series. Not much else changed apart from the handbrake working on the front wheels and an alternator being used.

1974 saw the van name change to the Spacevan and new rear lights fitted.  The 1750cc engine became the standard.  The makers name was changed in 1976 from Commer to Dodge.

In 1977 the vehicle had updated seat trim, front radiator grill and a new dashboard.  February 17th 1983 saw the last Spacevan come off the production line.




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