GPO Vehicles

Make Morris
Model Mini Minor ADO15 (5cwt Van)
Type Mini Van, Type 1
Body Builder Petrol
Use External Maintenance and stores
Registration Number WLA 957 and YXF 327
Fleet Number Ranges U81932 (WLA 957) 1959
U82612 to U83227 (YXF 282 - 897) 1960
U87822 to U88131 (220 - 529 DLF) 1961
Date of pictures 1960 and 1962

Introduced in 1961
Probably a little too small for most engineering purposes

WLA 957 was one of two vans purchased as Prototypes in late 1958. WLA 956 was a Mail van. (62012)

General description and facilities
 This vehicle is intended to be used by one man where the nature of the work carried out does not require the transport of any heavy equipment or apparatus.  The maximum pay load carried with the driver only, including the weight of any additional fitment provided, must not exceed 3 cwt. 3 qrs.  A standard roof ladder rack may be fitted when required and this will permit a Ladder, Extension, No. 4A or 5 to be carried.  A special false floor in the car body provides accommodation for Steps, Folding, No. 5 and includes also a small drawer suitably partitioned for small stores.  Local arrangements may be made to have an A unit rack fitted at the forward end of the vehicle or a B and C unit rack fitted along the off-side and near-side respectively, to provide additional accommodation for tools and small stores.


POEEJ Article - 1961



Interior of van when empty


Interior of van showing fitters equipment and stores


Battery and Spare wheel behind front seats


Note flooring mat


Original Mini door opening pull cord


First Aid box and License disc holder are standard GPO fittings


Engine - standard Mini layout
Note that the distributer and HV leads are just behind the grill - just right
to get soaked in rain!



This looks like a modified floor with built in sliding drawer

Now - how did that happen!



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