GPO Vehicles

Make Bedford
Model RSHC5
Type Simon Polecat - Pole Erection Unit
Body Builder  
Use Installation of poles
Registration Number ELP 751C
Fleet Number Range 200288 to 200347 (ELP 713C - 772C) 1965
Date of picture June 1966

This Pole Erection Unit is manned by two engineers.  Operated by hydraulics this machine can bore the hole and then insert the pole mechanically.  The engineers are also trained on underground cable location and carry cable location equipment.


N 3006
Issue 1, 3.11.66

Pole Erection Unit
Simon Polecat

1. General description
The apparatus is mounted on the reinforced chassis of a Bedford vehicle with full power take-off facilities. The vehicle cab provides seating for the driver and one passenger and a crew compartment behind the cab enables a third man to be carried if and when required. Two full length lockers one on each side of a central gangway, provide adequate accommodation for all the tools and stores required to be carried on the unit. Provision has been made for a Ladder, Extension, No. 5 to be carried on the roof of the near side locker. Two pole bolsters one behind the cab and one at the rear of the lockers, have been provided. They are designed to carry approximately 30 cwt. of poles in three banks. The front bolster also supports the derrick in its stowed position.

The apparatus consists of a hydraulically operated derrick with telescopic boom, mounted on the near side of the chassis at the rear. On the extendible portion of the boom are mounted a pole hole borer, winch and at the extreme end, a pole claw; all are hydraulically operated. Stability of the unit is ensured by means of two stabilizing jacks which can be lowered hydraulically before putting the unit to work. Rotation of the derrick is non-continuous but extends 3750 in an anti-clockwise direction from its diagonally stowed position on the bolster. All movements of the derrick, pole hole borer, winch, pole grab and jacks are controlled from a panel at the rear of the vehicle. The function of each control lever is clearly marked on the panel. An engine speed governor, remotely controlled from the panel, is also provided.

2. Auxiliary equipment
A hydraulically operated pole jack and a backfill rammer are provided with each unit. Both are operated from hydraulic connexions with quick - couplers at the rear near - side of the vehicle and are controlled from the panel.

3. Related Instructions
Operating procedure and user maintenance instructions .. .. .. P 4005
P.O. Motor transport: speed limits .. .. .. Vehicles, D 0022
Use of the pole erection unit.. . .LINES, Overhead, C 3203 (when available)


Derrick 1 ton at 10 ft. radius 
18 cwt. at 12 ft radius 
16 cwt. at 14 ft radius
12 cwt. at 18 ft. radius
10 cwt. at 20 ft. radius
8 cwt. at 22 ft. radius
Sheave height 3 ft. to 31 ft 3:in.above ground
Borer 12in, diameter holes up to 11 ft. 6 in. deep at any position around the vehicle with in the radii of 13 ft. 6 in. and 21 ft.
Pole jack 5 tons S.M.L.


ft    ins Loading Tons    cwt
Overall length 21     3 Unladen weight 7    16
Overall width 8      5 Maximum weight of poles  1    10
Overall height 12    1.5 Maximum gross moving weight 11    2
Turning circle 54      0

General Information

Make Bedford 
Model RSHC5
Engine Type Diesel
Drive 4-wheel
Fuel Tank Capacity 26 gal.
Electrical System Voltage 12V


Serial No range from 200288 to 200347.

Mechanical Aid Serial Nos. 70169/1 to 60.

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