GPO Vehicles

Make Morris
Model FGK40
Type 25 cwt Utility vehicle Type 1 (Morris)
Body Builder Diesel
Use 2 man crew - Jointers vehicle etc
Registration Number YLH 99
Fleet Number Ranges U 82492 (YLH 100) 1959 - Prototype
U85029 to U85143 (604 - 718 BYY) 1960 (Marshall) Diesel
U85144 to U85211 (766 - 833 BYY) 1960 (Papworth) Diesel
U85240 to U85279 (376 - 415 BXE) 1961 (Diesel)
U86111 to U86170 (533 - 612 BXE) 1961 (Papworth) Diesel
U86776 to U86835 (847 - 906 CLB) 1961 (Marshall) Diesel
U86836 to U86895 (928 - 987 CLB) 1961 (Burlingham) Diesel
U86896 to U86964 (1 - 69 CXN) 1961 (Diesel)
U87751 to U87805 (903 - 963CXY) 1961 (Papworth) Diesel
U88132 (584 DLF) 1961 (Marshall) Diesel
U95848 to U95997 (440 - 589 FYM) 1963
U98125 to U98190 (566 - 631 GXF) 1963 (Plaxton)
U98191 to U98390 (ALB 3B - 202B) 1964 (Papworth)
Date of picture 1960

General description and facilities
This vehicle has a forward control commercial type cab with seats for three passengers and a driver.  A roll shutter and a drop down tail-board provide rear access to the vehicle body which is fitted with fixed open-bin type racking and a translucent roof.  There are two internal ladder shelves, each accessible from traps located at the rear of the vehicle.  The upper ladder shelf accommodates a Ladder, Extension, No. 1 or two Ladders, Light, 11 ft. 6 in. and the lower shelf accommodates a Ladder, Extension, No. 4A or 5.  Two spindles are provided in the body interior to facilitate wire and small cable paying out operations. The vehicle is suitable for use by duct rodding parties, maintenance jointers and small general purpose gangs who need the seating capacity and the facility to carry between 1 and 1.25 tons of tools and stores but. who do not require pole carrying facilities.


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