GPO Vehicles

Make Morris
Model FGK100 Diesel
Type 4 Ton Utility (Cabling) Vehicle Type 2
Body Builder Diesel (5.7 Litre)
Use Heavy Cabling with tail lift
Registration Number BYM 452B
Fleet Number Ranges 19377 to 19384 (ALG 992B - 999B) 1964 (Spurling)
19385 to 19409 (BYM 447B - 471B) 1964 (Spurling)
19846 to 19889
(DYR 674C - 717C) 1965 (Papworth)
Date of picture November 1964

General description and facilities
This vehicle is fitted with a coach built body with a translucent roof and a forward control cab which has seats for a driver and one passenger. Interior racks with adjustable shelving accommodate a Ladder No. 4A or 5, continuous rod, rope drums etc., leaving the floor area free for small cable drums up to I ton in weight. A 1 ton hydraulic tail lift is fitted to facilitate loading and unloading. Under floor lockers are provided for long tools and propane gas cylinders. The vehicle is used in conjunction with a Landrover personnel carrier. ho personnel should be carried in the body of the vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with both a heavy and a light towing clevis.


Type 1 & 2 have 2 man cabs whilst the Type 3 has a 4/5 man cab.

Morris FG K100 utility used for heavy cabling work.



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